"Diary of a brownie, a new book." Scream!

What rustling in the apartment at night? The light suddenly goes out himself? From the refrigerator disappears sausage? Edition Site says: nothing worse than ordinary houses in your apartment is not found. And brownies - cool guys! < September 12. started a new notebook. Sit on the refrigerator, I write. Three o'clock in the morning. Mistress eats sausage and thinks that nobody sees her.

< 13 September. The cat sheds. I am sneezing. Hostess baptized.

< 15 September. read the Kama Sutra with a cat. Well - read bellow ... with pictures. But then a lot of thought.

< 16 September. The cat shat under the bed. I asked him - why? Says - itself somehow escaped. Survives. He asked me where to bury a couple of days.

< September 17. landlady's fancy man reached for his slippers and run into the story .... The cat sat on the closet and pretended to wipe the dust there. Fancy man reached for it, fell and broke his arm. I laugh along with the chandelier fell on the mistress. By the calendar - the auspicious day

19 September.. fancy man has not yet come. Hostess nalupila sneakers cat. Now he does not speak with me. I, then where?

< September 20. cat threw a note with an offer of peace. That long he pretended to read. As a result, I ate it and said he agrees. It seems I underestimated him. Perepryatat blog.

< 22 September. were cut with a cat in schelbany the rock-scissors-paper. Not interesting to play with him. Because nothing other than paper he put can not. Now, he is lying on the bed and complains of a headache.

< 23 September. Came plumber. I asked the key to sixteen. I gave him. What a habit - swoon

September 25?. again pop again censer. I asked him not to smoke heavily. He said that once the money uplocheny, we must be patient. I hinted to him about the rollback. He pretended that he no longer hear me.

< September 26. said the cat that geranium many vitamins. What bude Nooo ...

27 September. The hostess of the second day of sleeping with the light. I periodically turn off. Prevents the same ... Each time I fall asleep at prayer. In my opinion, the best Yesenin wrote.

< on 28 September. Celebrated Birthday Cat. They drank valerian, riding on the curtains and sang songs. In the evening, sitting on the windowsill. The cat walked along the parapet and shouted that if you fall, it will not be a fig, because he has nine lives. So bad drunk becomes ...

September 29. Milk Sucks ... would ...

September 30. Viewed from the cat Animal Planet. He says that all the lions stupid pitching, because sitting on anabolic steroids. It seems to me, is just jealous.

< October 2. said the cat, that if you sit in the box, you can actually lose weight. I go, rzhu ...

3 October. Tomorrow to visit us arrived the landlady mom. We are waiting, with ...

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