The new surgical methods of weight loss

The doctors of the American hospital Brigham and Womens (Brigham and Women's Hospital) state that they studied the procedures de affintity the vagus nerve and vagotomy — can be the future of the fight against obesity.

Procedure vagotomy involves removing the vagus nerve, which transmits information between the gut and the brain. De-afferentation also involves the vagus nerve, but during this procedure, surgeons do not remove it completely, using capsaicin to destroy only certain nerve fibers. Capsaicin destroys the nerve fibers that transmit signals from the gut to the brain, leaving intact the nerve fibers that send signals in the opposite direction, from the brain to the gut.

Among these two operations kolichestvo lesser side effects observed in de-afferentation of the vagus nerve. The researchers note that they have to be done before such an operation can performed on people, for example to determine whether you can apply capsaicin directly to the fibers of the vagus nerve. The results of the study, however, provide the modern scholar great soil to work with. As the demand for surgery for weight loss and obesity is constantly growing, treatments that can help to achieve this effect is a non-invasive way, will become more vosstrebovan.



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