On the space achievements of Russians (14 photos)

The Japanese have come up with something interesting, they give the opportunity to send a message into space, which shall consist of no more than 20 characters.
Anyone can write a cosmic SMS and send it to the asteroid 1999 JU3.
Of course the message will not be recorded on a sheet of paper and a special chip and sent to the probe "Hayabusa-2" in 2014.
The message reaches the surface of the asteroid in 2018, and if the past will fly aliens, they will be able to read your scribbling :)

Such was the first message space brothers on reason, running March 2 1972.
On the plate engraved with silhouettes of men and women against the background of the ship "Pioneer" and the solar system

Humanity has escaped beyond the Earth's only half a century ago. The first space flight lasted only 108 minutes,
During this time, Yuri Gagarin aboard the "Vostok", was launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome April 12, 1961,
I performed one revolution around our planet and landed safely in the Saratov region.
Over the next few decades, we have made some progress in space exploration. Consider the space records in numbers.

Start of the first in the history of manned spacecraft "Vostok».
The longest flight ever made a Russian cosmonaut Valeri Polyakov in 1995. Its duration was 437 days 17 hours 58 minutes. That is Polyakov spent in space is about 7000 times longer than Yuri Gagarin.

Valery Polyakov

Record of stay in orbit for several flights had twice beaten Sergei Avdeyev (three flight 747 days 14 hours 12 minutes)
and Sergei Krikalev (in 2005, he stayed in orbit 803 days 9:00 39 minutes 09 seconds.).
What do you think, what it is, many months of feeding tubes and use the space toilet?

March 18, 1965, Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov made the first spacewalk. Total time the yield was 23 minutes 41 seconds, of which 12 minutes 9 seconds - just outside of the ship. I immediately think of my favorite science fiction film - "Space Odyssey 2001" by Stanley Kubrick. Due to the on-board computer prevented the protagonist almost did not stay in the open space.

The first man in space Ironically, it was in 2001, on March 11, the American Susan Helms and James Voss her partner stayed in the open space the longest - 8:00 56 minutes.

Susan Helms
But the number of spacewalks USA we did ahead! Anatoly Solovyov did it 16 times
and stayed there for more than 78 hours in total.

Anatoly Solovyov
In total more than 240 earthlings again spacewalks. With two thousand years in orbit is constantly International Space Station. Back in 2010 the ISS broke the record he worked for about 10 years, "Mir" station for the duration of the continuous stay of the person on board. It was on the ISS today and put most of the cosmic records.


Last year, the Federal Space Agency and NASA approved the decision of the joint experiment. Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko and American Scott Kelly will travel to the ISS in 2015 and will hold there bezvylazno whole year. The experimental results will help in the preparation for future missions to Mars.

Russia's role in space exploration can not be overestimated: we still remain a major space power, but it turned out that one of the main symbols of the space age - the Baikonur cosmodrome - after the collapse of the Soviet Union no longer belongs to us, it is the territory of Kazakhstan. And it was from Baikonur, we launched the first satellite, and from there flew in space, Yuri Gagarin. Today, most of our runs (that is the lion's share of the world in general) is carried out from this site.

The launch of the Russian rocket "Proton-M" from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. But in order to freely use these gates, we now have to pay the rent - $ 115 million a year, plus another 50 - in the city's infrastructure. Not a very heavy, in general, the amount, only the Kazakhs sometimes show donors. Consent only part of the planned launches, if not frightened by the fact that Russia be expelled from the spaceport. You have to connect the heavy artillery diplomacy. In late March, he met a special intergovernmental commission on Baikonur. Russia was represented by First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov. Here it is, in the center:

And Shuvalov agreed: we stay at Baikonur, and throughout the year, our countries will work out a new agreement on joint use of Baikonur. In addition, Shuvalov agreed schedule of launches for the year. Sadly, of course, that the launch site of historical importance for the whole world space, is now on the territory of another country, but ultimately it is not so important: the history of the achievements of our compatriots do not vycherknesh. First place in the book of records of space is ours. A landing Americans on the moon did Stanley Kubrick shot!

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