Use your table rationally! Brilliant tips on arrangement of the workplace.

According to the ancient Chinese practice of surrounding human things can affect its internal state. Of course, many believe such exercises as feng shui, not only strange and unusual for our brother, but totally ineffective. However, psychologists have long proved that the presence of living plants in the workplace has a positive effect on human health, and the order on the table increases performance and mental activity. Who knows, maybe this is the result of the very positive energy, which we repeat experts of feng shui?

We offer to your attention a table that clearly shows which area is responsible for what.

Career Zone

It is better to place a computer. As an enabling desktop screensaver you can use any theme of water (sea, waterfall), which symbolizes money and abundance.

Knowledge Zone

The most suitable place to put useful literature, reference books, notebooks, in general everything that helps you in your work.

Zone family

Here it is recommended to place a family photo or a gift from someone in the family.

Zone wealth

Suitable place for green plants or symbol of water (mini-waterfall, calendar with a picture of the water).

Zone fame and reputation

This area is well to place their achievements: the medals, awards and certificates. Even an own picture on which you captured at the height of success (getting honors, winning the competition).

area of ​​health

It is noteworthy that this part of the table must always be perfectly clean. But if you want to bring home some little thing, according to Feng Shui can put any symbols land: flowers, pebbles, shells.

Zone relations

Ideal for a photo of a loved one or any symbols of love.

Creativity Zone

Activate the zone to help metal objects made of iron, copper, silver or gold.

The zone useful links

Ideal for your phone diary with useful contacts, business card holders, document.

Of course, Feng Shui - is not magic and not a magic wand that is able to solve any problem. Rather, it is a visual reminder of what areas of life you currently working on or what you want to achieve in life. Themselves as the Chinese claim that feng shui - a way of thinking or a way to create balance in your life, but not magic. Do you think you'll lose, come think will win? It will be as you think! Tell us about this article to friends and colleagues by clicking on "Post". Sure, they, too, will be interested to read it!



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