24 religious quotes Friedrich Nietzsche, which spread to the nines all public foundations.

This man was not a professional philosopher, he was a thinker by birth. He challenged God and had the audacity to declare that God is dead, put in his place a superman, but in the end, like all mortals, lost the battle. Today, as you have already guessed, we will focus on Friedrich Nietzsche. Already most of the letters of his name emanates authority. He was the founder of the reactionary philosophical direction - Nietzsche, which eventually became the basis for many literary, psychological or even pedagogical doctrines.

The ideas put forward by Nietzsche, very contradictory, but these fresh, unbiased thought brought the philosophy of what it lacked - freedom. It's time for a new kind of person. Rumor has it that the image of superman bred cult philosopher of the XIX century in the work "Thus Spake Zarathustra", became the spiritual foundation of German Nazism. Even if this is true, it is unlikely that fact somehow characterizes the actual teachings of Friedrich Nietzsche, as at the time of John Lennon's killer, Mark Chapman also have read many of your favorite book by Jerome Salinger's "The Catcher in the Rye».

It's 24 outrageous quotes Friedrich Nietzsche, which spread to the nines basic principles of the existing forms of religion and morality.

1. Friendships do not plan, do not shout about love, do not prove the truth. B>


3. He who fights with monsters should beware that it does not itself become a monster. And if you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. B>


5. Two things a real man wants: danger and play. And because he's looking for a woman, as the most dangerous toys. B>


7. "Love your neighbor" - which means first and foremost: "Leave your neighbor alone!" And just this piece of virtue associated with the greatest difficulties. B>


9. One lonely - it is an escape of the patient, and the other - an escape from the patients. B>


11. With a man there is the same as that of a tree. The more he seeks up to the light, the deeper the roots dig in the earth, down into the darkness and depth - of evil. B>


13. Do not overestimate women but underestimate them also should not be. B>


15. Men should beware of a woman when she loves: then she is ready for any sacrifice, and everything else is of no value in her eyes. B>


17. Truly loved one - someone who knows your past, believes in your future, and now accepts you for who you are. B>


19. The wider you open embrace, the easier it is to crucify you. B>


21. Unhappy or happy person makes only his thoughts, not external circumstances. By controlling his thoughts, he runs his happiness. B>


23. Who has what to live, will be able to withstand almost any "How?». B>


Muzhdu genius and madman there is a very fine line. On this line, and was the great philosopher of the nineteenth century, Friedrich Nietzsche. Undoubtedly, his teachings - a qualitatively new stage of world philosophy. God is not dead. Not dead, and Nietzsche. His works are still relevant in the public domain. Share this sobering thought of Friedrich Nietzsche with his friends.

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