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Friedrich Nietzsche was not a professional philosopher - rather, the thinker, poet, philologist. His approach was practically no logic - was just the passion of the art.

Nietzsche never called to push the weak, in fact, the theory of the superman is not meant the triumph of one over the other, and the victory of creativity over the destructive animals. In fact, Nietzsche completely denied aggression. In its submission to the man could be overcome only by himself.

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What does not kill me, it makes me stronger. God has died: now we want the superman to live. He who fights with monsters should beware that it does not itself become a monster. And if you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you. If you have decided to act - to close the doors of doubt. If you do not have any more stairs, you must learn to climb on his own head: how else would you like to go higher? Death is close enough that you can not be afraid of life. Lots to talk about himself - also a way to hide yourself. The greatest events - are not our noisiest but our most quiet hours. What is being done for the sake of love, going beyond the sphere of good and evil. There are two ways to save you from suffering: a quick death and lasting love. The freer and more individual, the exacting becomes his love. It does not terminated through mutual love misery of unrequited love, but a lot of love. Two things a real man wants: danger and play. And because he's looking for a woman as the most dangerous toy. Happiness is called man I want. Happiness woman called: he wants. "Love your neighbor" - which means first and foremost: "Leave your neighbor alone!" - And just this piece of virtue associated with the greatest difficulties. Even God has his hell - it is the love of his people. Who wants to justify the existence, that one must also be able to be an advocate before God the devil. There is a degree inveterate falsehood, which is called "clear conscience." What is good? Anything that increases the feeling of power, the will to power, the power of man. What's wrong? Everything that comes from weakness. What falls, then you need to push more. With a man there is the same as that of a tree. The more he seeks up to the light, the deeper the roots dig in the earth, down into the darkness and depth - to evil. The man - a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman - a rope over an abyss. In man, valuable that he bridge and not a goal. Ashamed of his immorality - this is the first rung of the ladder, on top of which you will be ashamed of his morality.

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