25 evidence of a great friendship of children and pets. Sincerity galore!

As they say: "Children - a joy of life." And if children do not have? Then warm emotions bring pets. But no need to be a psychologist to guess how much fun in families where there are kids, and pets! Especially when the kids and animals - best friends. A selection of these photographs speak for themselves: the friendship of small children and pets full of sincerity and positive emotions. What to say: "Do not spill water»!

1. You're white, still filthy! B>

Photo: vk

2. Lovely Sony. B>

Photo: liveinternet

3. The huge cat - defender of sleep. B>

Photo: pinterest

4. More nap hunting. B>

Photo: wildflower

5. And not afraid of nightmares. B>

Photo: vk

6. Look, my dear friend, what a beauty! B>

Photo: facebook

7. The dog and I'm up already. B>

Photo: lolsnaps

8. In close quarters, but not mad. B>

Photo: tumblr

9. I have a dog - a horse. B>

Photo: © Erin Vey

10. Someone who walks? B>

Photo: 500px

11. No surprise look does not come out ...

Photo: photobiz

12. Another series of "obnimashki dream». B>

Photo: fny

13. My pillow! B>

Photo: twimg

14. Lasky from Husky. B>

Photo: frigideira

15. Sweet couple. B>

Photo: aufeminin

16. High five, buddy! B>

Photo: bioblogghiamo

17. Today we are rabbits. B>

Photo: ipnoze

18. And pillows and blankets - two in one. B>

Photo: © mediumclay

19. Three times more fun for a kid. B>

Photo: patrasevents

20. Serious boy with serious protection. B>

Photo: thepodphoto

21. Do not be sad, I'm next. B>

Photo: tgcom24

22. Yes, the smile soon! B>

Photo: patrasevents

23. As I understand you ...

Photo: tvbest

24. Aibolit rest! B>

Photo: © Vin J.

25. We are waiting now Mommy bring various goodies. B>

Photo: nature-nest

Pets not only uplifting, but teach a man to truly and genuinely friendly. And when these feelings arise from childhood, the kids then much easier to look at the world. If you are impressed by the love and devotion dear friends in these photos, do not forget to share them - let your friends too warm the warm feelings!

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