So read the cards could only Faina Ranevskaya. Brilliant video!

Even those who have never watched movies with this brilliant actress, at least once met with her famous phrase. The unique, self-confident and cheeky, the woman has become the benchmark for many. Today, interest in Faina Ranevskaya does not cease, because it simply does not compare with anyone. On the identity of this woman talk a lot: if she has low self-esteem, she was jealous of the beauty-sister and hated men. But re-reading her statements carefully, you realize that she was too smart for such things. Ranevskaya claimed that you can play golf and on stage live. This video is proof! The unique humor of the most talented actresses of the last century.

A satirical newsreel "wick", "Maps do not lie", 1964

Ranevskaya not just see right through people, she told the truth in their images. But who is smart enough to see the truth about her? We can only enjoy her brilliant performance as brilliant and vyskazvaniyami. Share this masterpiece with your friends!


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