Faina Ranevskaya: the Habit of living

Contemporaries noted that Faina was a tough lady, often eccentric, sometimes overly direct and rude, but always honest and sincere. These qualities combined with a terrific wit, charm and sense of humor, making Ranevskaya and remained in history as one of the most prominent Actresses of the Russian and world theatre and cinema.

At the age of 53 Faina ironically noted that the main habit that has developed from it over the years is the habit to live. This is not surprising: it means a lot I was given in life with great difficulty. And from the very childhood.

Fifty eight million thirty thousand six hundred ninety four

When Fanny Feldman (real name now) was very young, no one could not assume that this girl will become a great actress: she was extremely shy and stuttered at the slightest excitement, and was distinguished by a pleasant appearance. Granite of science has also been found to Faina can not handle: she was not given any math or spelling.

Most of all she loved to read and sing. But Faina should not just love to read: she truly idolized writers. For example, when Anton Chekhov died (the girl was only eight years), the future actress was crying so bitterly that if he died its close relative, and was in a long horrible depression.

Later Ranevskaya wrote in the journal that with the death of Chekhov ended her childhood. As hard young Faina experienced the death of another of his favorite writer — L. N. Tolstoy.

Gradually, the girl became interested in theatre: it created its own puppet shows that showed a native, loved to visit the performances. A strong impression on Faina made acquaintance with popular actress Alisa Koonen, who lived near the family of Feldman; and when the girl was 15 years old, she saw on the stage of the legendary Paul Wolff, and finally confirmed in the thought of becoming an actress.

In 20 years, Faina, inspired by dreams of the stage, decided to go to Moscow to enroll in a specialized school. Of course, the father could not look favourably on her daughter's decision: in his opinion, for a girl from a respectable Jewish family career artist was tantamount to prostitution. Probably, the decision to leave the family was given a young girl a hard time, but she never made a decision to conquer the Moscow scene and went to study acting.


Seventy one million eight hundred six thousand eighty nine

Legendary Soviet theater and film actress Faina Ranevskaya was a bright, extravagant lady and different relevant habits and weaknesses.

For example, just how the artist managed to get into stage images and make contact with the theatrical audience, as it was difficult to establish friendships in real life.

The circle of close buddies I was extremely limited: rarely were people able to withstand the endless harassment, remarks and sarcastic comments Faina Georgievna. Amazingly enough, at the same time, the actress was infinitely kind and generous woman who always sincerely regretted sudden behavior and asked apology for intemperate disposition.

After moving to Moscow from his native Taganrog, young Lars soon started Dating with Osip Mandelstam, Marina Tsvetaeva, Vladimir Mayakovsky and other artists. Communication with people of this level has become a real weakness Faina: she admired their talent, enthusiastically caught every word geniuses, every look. After all, I did faint at hearing on Stoleshnikov pereulok voice of Vasily Kachalov, so she loved this theater actor.


Two professions Irving aloma

Artemy Troitsky: a Happy life I began to live only after 50


It is interesting to note that Faina in love only in talent: the carnal attachment to men she was a stranger. I revolve in the society of the most brilliant men of the twentieth century, was not destined to marry, and of a romance the actress fairly unknown.published 


Author: Daria Pashchenko


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