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Probably no one would argue with the fact that women have their own, very special view of the world and everything in it is happening. To understand the mysterious female soul is almost impossible, but try still stands. The more that representatives of the beautiful half of humanity are eager to share their thoughts about what they find really important.

Website gathered ironic and wise sayings that might sound only from the lips of women.

About appearance
We, the women, there are only two weapons: mascara and tears - but we can not use both at the same time. © Marilyn Monroe In order to look like a goddess, you need 20 minutes. However, to look natural, it is necessary for 3 hours. © Janina Ipohorskaya The woman, a strong belief in its beauty, will be able to finally convince her of all others. © Sophia Loren In the 20 years you have the person who gave you the nature; in 30 years you have a person who molded your life; and 50 you have the face you deserve. © Coco Chanel What can not be hidden, even if powder. © Janina Ipohorskaya The closer the winter, the more we are like your passport photo. © Wanda Błonie Nobody never told me that I was beautiful when I was a little girl. All little girls should say that they are beautiful, even if they are not. © Marilyn Monroe

About love
There is a time to work and a time to love. No other no. © Coco Chanel A woman who does not love his shortcomings man does not love himself. © Sophia Loren If an ordinary woman and a man considered a mediocre one another extraordinary - this is love. © Janina Ipohorskaya Love, relationships and food - that's what makes us truly happy. Everything is very simple. © Meryl Streep Sometimes, all you need to do to reassure someone, it's to remind him that you're there. © Tove Jansson Career - a wonderful thing, but she did not warm up on a cold night. © Marilyn Monroe The boy becomes completely unbearable when close to 50 years. © Janina Ipohorskaya Adam and Eve could be the perfect married couple: Adam did not have to listen to stories about the man for whom she could marry and Eve - how well prepared his mom. © Wanda Błonie

About the attitude to life f
In life you should definitely try everything and then safely forget about some things forever. © Sophia Loren It is necessary sometimes to change anything. Too many things we take for granted, including each other. © Tove Jansson In some people, the Devil lives in some - God, and some - only worms. © Faina Ranevskaya I believe in the power of laughter. And I think that you will easily be able to disarm the people, if you can make them laugh. © Meryl Streep All pleasant in this world or harmful, or immoral, or leads to obesity. © Faina Ranevskaya Horseradish, placed on the opinions of others, provides a peaceful and happy life. © Faina Ranevskaya Topics of his detective novels, I find for dishwashing. It's such a stupid occupation that inevitably comes to mind about the murder. © Agatha Christie Every second woman in love with himself - and could get stuck and worse. © Magdalena Pretender

About the inner world of
A woman to succeed in life, must have two qualities. It has to be smart enough to like foolish men and foolish enough to please men clever. © Faina Ranevskaya Go through life with your head held high, but not high battened down his nose. © Magdalena Pretender beauty care must begin with the heart and soul, otherwise no makeup will not help. © Coco Chanel People are much more than the things that need to be picked up, repaired, and found a place for them to forgive; never let anyone throw. © Audrey Hepburn There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind, your talents, the creativity that you bring into your life and the lives of loved ones. When you learn to drink from this spring, you really defeat age. © Sophia Loren Three things can not be forgiven for women. But no one knows how or why. © Janina Ipohorskaya

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