A new look at bold Faina Ranevskaya ... The last and only interview of the great artist.

Female fighter, a great actress! She did not play, and lived roles. Whistleblowers to toe - unattainable and unique Faina Ranevskaya. We are accustomed to quote the inimitable Faina, its sharp, precise, sometimes harsh statements. But that it you have not seen ... This is the last and only interview with Faina Ranevskaya.

Ranevskaya did not belong to the Kremlin ladies - it was clean, smart, sometimes gentle and vulnerable ... these are no more! Here it is completely different - a man without skin, with kind eyes looking at who can not hold back tears. Just look at how deeply the woman responds to all the questions, without trying to embellish to say! As her not to love? It's impossible! Limitless soul, an angel ... Word Ranevskaya at 29:03 into the touch of compassion to the heart ... See for yourself, and I think I keep quiet and bow before the genius of the artist of God!

Great thanks for the interview Natalia Krymova! Such Faina Ranevskaya will forever remain in our memories and in our hearts ... Show me a completely different Faina your friends and share with them this invaluable interview with the great actress.



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