Quotes from the Ranevskaya

A great actress and a wonderful person Faina Ranevskaya has an outstanding sense of humor. More input is required. Read, enjoy:

"The soul - not an ass. Vysratsya can not ».

The real name of Ranevskaya - Feldman. She was from a very wealthy family. When Faina asked to write an autobiography, she began: "I - the daughter of a poor oilman ..." Then things went.

 - You know, - remembered half a century Ranevskaya - when I saw this bald man in an armored car, I realized: we are waiting for big trouble.

 - How I envy brainless!

 - I - Stanislavsky miscarriage.

 - I lived with many theaters, but did not have fun.

 - Faina, how are you doing?
 - You know, my dear, what a shit? So it compared to my life - jam.

 - How are you, Faina?
 - I told you last year said that shit. But then it was

 - Success - the only unforgivable sin towards its close.

About fellow artists:
 - At this actress ass hanging and dangling, like a bag at the hussar.

 - His voice - as if in a zinc bucket pissing.


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