The most legendary women of the world

01 Lady Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales.

It was called Queen of Hearts (Queen of Hearts), it became a symbol of the monarchy with a "human face" very much involved in charity work, making every effort to ensure that help people everywhere. Like many female celebrity, she was not happy in marriage and divorce only after the Crown Prince of Wales was able to find all the things that she missed her husband. Unfortunately, the person of its position inevitably become victims of excessive attention from the press, and in the case of Princess Diana, the sacrifice was too great - it cost her her life. Many still remember the shock of television news, which announced her death, car accident pictures, and then face weeping people carrying flowers and candles to the walls of Buckingham Palace. In those days, not only the loss of Britain felt ...

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Reminiscing about the first lady, it is impossible not to recall the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, a sample of style and taste, a woman of extraordinary strength and appeal. Probably, without it there would be no President John F. Kennedy: her support, her beauty, charm and sophistication largely contributed to his career and provided him the love of the nation. After the death of President Kennedy, Jacqueline found the strength to get married for the second time, despite the gossip and rumors, but most of all it was important to ensure peace and comfort for themselves and their children. After the death of Onassis, she moved to New York and built his own career, once again proving all by their nature. The woman can learn and fortitude and sense of style, and a willingness to start over - at every stage of life.


After Jackie Kennedy immediately comes to mind is its antipode, Marilyn Monroe - an unforgettable symbol of sexuality and bright extraordinary personality. Despite the accusations of acting in mediocrity, it will always remain in the history of cinema and politics, in fact it was the most famous and obvious lover of President John F. Kennedy. Like Jackie, legitimate wife, Marilyn, this relationship has not brought anything good, and even her tragic death at the age of 37 years indirectly associated with the proximity to the Kennedy clan. She was different - a cheerful and miserable, charming and impossible, and so it remains in the memory, are still causing interest in his personality. People will always be happy to review the black-and-white films, which flashed white smile Marilyn and it sounds husky, sexy voice. Her mannerisms, her peculiar gait, many continue to copy, but the original is still the original.


It is a different way in the film represents the delicate and fragile and infinitely touching Audrey Hepburn. She did not become a sex symbol of the movies, but her aristocratic looks, impeccable style, charisma and surprising freshness enable it to classify the most beautiful women of the world. She was not only beautiful, but also intelligent and witty, she looked like a princess, fairy fragile. Almost all movies with her participation unusually bright and funny, always cheer up - no matter how many times they look. The look of her wide-eyed Bambi led to believe that the world is beautiful and amazing, that good always triumphs over evil, and that, despite all the setbacks, it is necessary to go further, while maintaining dignity and a smile. Her image will never lose its appeal and relevance, bringing his amazing purity of the light from the screens.


Another unforgettable heroine of the film - Vivien Leigh. Most of us know it by one of the greatest films of world cinema, "Gone with the Wind," and we associate it with the image of Scarlett O'Hara - flighty, frivolous, sometimes brutal, but at the same time strong, persistent and devoted woman. However, apart from Scarlett, Vivien has played many roles and was a favorite actress of Winston Churchill. The love of her life and the idol was Laurence Olivier: falling in love with him, she went to all his performances and was determined to marry him, despite the fact that she and Lawrence had been married. Thanks to her beauty, perseverance and happy occasion of her dream has come true - for 20 years, she was a lady Laurence Olivier. Despite an unexpected divorce, serious illness, it has retained the ability to laugh, to charm, and continued to play in film and theater, amazing depth of skills tragic actress. These amazing image quality make it special.


Independently in movies and stories is an extraordinary Grace Kelly - heiress to a vast fortune, a strict Catholic college graduate, she all of a sudden became a model and began to try himself in film. And over time it noticed her acting work nominated for an Academy Award, and once it has been awarded this prize. It is called the muse of Alfred Hitchcock and his films with her participation were among the best in history. However, she left the movies for the family - it drew attention to the Crown Prince of Monaco and Princess ought not to be in the movies. During her flawless looks and perfect manners always shone extraordinary power, to engage the views and commands respect and admiration.


One of the "great cinema blondes" - Marlene Dietrich, actress with a complex fate (as well as all of today's heroines), extraordinary dramatic talent and enchanting voice. Her career began in his native Germany, where she starred in several silent films, and the most prominent role was in the movie "Blue Angel". His success opened her way to Hollywood, where she shocked the public, becoming the first woman to appear in public in costume - and trousers "Marlene" have been immortalized in fashion. Marlene attributed a lot of connections, including women, which was also shocking. The end of her life was just as unusual: after the injury she was bedridden, and the last 12 years, kept in touch with the world only on the phone. It will always be a way of mystery and "brutal femininity", if I may call it that.


legendary Coco (Gabrielle) Chanel. Woman myth, a female revolutionary, a female story, she was surrounded by her life in many legends and speculation, masking the reality of skillful fiction, a haze of expensive perfume and ovevaya luxurious fabrics. She created a new image of women, "cut off" all superfluous. Her style is laconic, however, is not alien to luxury. She gave us the little black dress and a lot of perfume masterpieces. While not classically beautiful, Coco Chanel drew the attention of men of his charisma and sparkling personality she attributed novels with all known men of her time - and most of the rumors were true. Despite such a huge success, she got married, preferring to your lifestyle and your range of interests cabling family nest. The story of her life -one of the most extraordinary examples in history.


Faina Ranevskaya. The actress, able to replace the whole company; philosopher with

a cigarette, scandalous person, sarcastic lady with a thick voice, scary

lonely and vulnerable soul ... Mixed!

His stage career Ranevskaya beginning in 1915 Malachowski dacha outside Moscow theater. After she played in Kerch, Rostov-on-Don, in a mobile "First Soviet Theater" in the Crimea. Her first success in a profession related to the execution of such acute character roles as Charlotte in "The Cherry Orchard", Zmeyukina in Chekhov's "The Wedding", Tweety in "Love Spring". Since 1931 Ranevskaya became an actress of the Moscow Chamber Theatre, and then worked in the Central Theater of the Red Army in the theater Mossovet. In the film Ranevskaya had the 38-year-old, starring in "Doughnut" Mikhail Romm. Then there was a "foundling", with it came incredible popularity ...


She lived a very long life - if we consider "over the heads of rulers," that in this period of time instead of several epochs: Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev: Popular among the people the phrase "Mulia not nervous about me" - was her curse, and episodic role - even they are! - You get all the rarer and rarer.

Faina was protected from reality as she could - in particular, it around trying to see the funny. That is why it has become for us, after the numerous publications of her sayings and aphorisms, one of the most extraordinary women of the past century. His ironic flair so she took full (as opposed to artistic talent), that even now we unthinkingly repeat many of her sentence: Is not the true immortality?

About Ranevskaya write a lot - biographies of various authors, the memories of her contemporaries and descendants of research ... But nowhere so clearly does not feel her personality, her preference is not visible, dislikes and attitudes toward life, as in her own remarks.


Maya Plisetskaya was born November 20, 1925 in Moscow, in a family of artistically - ballet. Mom - Rachel Messerer - was a silent film actress, and her aunt and uncle - Shulamith and Asaf Messerer, a virtuoso dancer and a wonderful teacher - the then stars of the Bolshoi Ballet, ballet couple beloved Stalin.

On the amateur scene in the rugged island of Spitsbergen, the debut of a small Maya opera Dargomyzhsky "Mermaid". The tiny role was brilliantly performed, and the house is gone forever rest. Young Ballerina without a moment's sitting on the ground, improvise, singing, dancing, playing all the roles at once. And the family council it was decided that on his return to the capital to give a little fidget in Ballet School. June 21, 1941, on the eve of the war, Maya successfully debuted at the graduation concert in the school orchestra on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre of his branch. From the first steps on the stage of the Bolshoi ballerina manifested bright personality - an extraordinary expressiveness, passion, dynamics of dance. The first success came to her in "Les Sylphides", where she danced the mazurka. Each jump Plisetskaya, where it hung for a moment in the air, caused a storm of applause.


She only loved to dance, and did not want to work. It was only later, she began to understand how exciting, interesting, creative can be stubborn daily work of a ballerina. Step by step rise Plisetskaya its major parties. In the ballet "Sleeping Beauty" was the Lilac Fairy, fairy Violante and finally, Aurora. In "Don Quixote" outperform almost all the female parts, but brilliantly performed the role of Kitri was the discovery in the performing arts.

The style of execution of Maya Plisetskaya became the accepted canon ... In 1983 - an unexpected turn in the fate Note: she was asked to become artistic director of the Rome Opera Ballet. January 4, 1990 Maya Plisetskaya danced his last performance at the Bolshoi Theatre - "Lady with the Dog". Long-standing differences with the artistic direction of the ballet company led to the fact that the dancer left the Bolshoi Theatre.


Valentina Tereshkova. Fly into space was not Valentina Tereshkova and her girlfriend Tatiana Morozycheva flying club, which had a much larger jumps. But the medical board was unexpectedly found out that Tanja is expecting a baby.

When 26-year-old Valentina landed safely after the flight, many of resentment and envy was replaced by pity. Space travel Tereshkova suffered badly. These seventy hours have become a living hell for her. Most of the time Valentine constantly nauseated and vomited. But she tried to hold on - to the Earth were reports: "I -" The Seagull. " The flight is normal. " And while catapulting Tereshkova hit her head on a helmet - landed with a huge bruise on her cheek and temple. Valentine was almost unconscious. It urgently flown to a hospital in Moscow. Only in the evening lights of domestic medicine reported that the life and health of Tereshkova's out of danger. The next day immediately made staging newsreel footage for: Tereshkova was put into the machine, filmed extras, running toward him. Then one opened cover of the machine. Tereshkova was sitting inside, cheerful, smiling. These frames are spread all over the world.


From space, "The Seagull" back female symbol. She was starting to imitate - ladies asked the barber shop for a haircut, like Tereshkova. On the shelves there are watches "The Seagull." She is invited to the Kremlin - kiss the hand. Civil society organizations around the world want to see her an honorary member. Her jacket, in addition to the star of Hero, decorated with two Orders of Lenin, Order of October Revolution, Red Banner of Labor and the Peoples' Friendship. It is - the hero of the Republic of Bulgaria and Mongolia. Tereshkova becomes a woman-legend. She was assigned the rank of general (it still - the only woman in the Russian army, General). One of the craters on the moon named after her.


Madonna! Who is she? A successful singer, actress, writer and follower of Kabbalah, a caring mother or marketing genius?

The first question that arises in every human being, for the first time to hear who saw or read her work. Such diverse personality of the Madonna, which was able to combine the sometimes inconsistent ability and quality.

The difficulties have not prevented her childhood, even as a little girl with blue eyes and determined to go to his goal to succeed.

Laboring on different not the most interesting work, not to die of hunger, Madonna tried to turn and simultaneously push their songs at various discos. Trying for an attempt to finally brought Madonna to the first contract with the studio "Saerz Records" records which were distributed through the company "Warner Brothers". The first album of Madonna was born in July 1983, bringing the singer instant recognition, which meant an end to poverty.


Two years later, Madonna becomes the Queen of Pop.

Madonna was a success for the later creation of his own record label "Maverick Records", which recorded such artists as Alanis Moriset and The Prodigy.

Madonna - the singer, whose songs were always in the top ten of the world charts. Only a small failure in acting activity marred her career.

She was different, easily change their appearance. There was a blonde, a brunette with long hair and short hair. Dressed from Fredericks of Hollywood designer and famous Gaultier, but appeared in the attire of a rural thrush, and in strict school dress, and barely covers her body transparent lace.

But, despite all the changes, it remained Madonna, strong, single-minded woman to do so, that the whole world lay at her feet.




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