Ranevskaya. Best of incomparable phrases

Today exactly 30 years have passed since the death of famous actress Faina Ranevskaya. Despite its foreign deliberate rudeness, it was fine mental organization man, and thought it made in vain, struck his witty and instantaneous flow rate quotes. The brightest of them.

-Vsyu My life I've sailed in the toilet butterfly stroke.

-We Accustomed to single-celled said kutsym thoughts, then play Ostrovsky!

-X * En, placed on the opinions of others, provides a peaceful and happy life.

-Under The most beautiful peacock tail hides the most common chicken ass. So less pathos, gentlemen.

-I Like eggs: I participate, but do not enter.

Why are all these women are fools?

-You Know what is in the movies? Imagine that you wash in the bath, and to lead a tour.

The life - a long jump of n * zdy the grave.

-I Like an old tree on the station - no one needs, and throw a pity.

-For Actress there are no neydobctv if nyzhno for roli.

When did I begin to write his memoirs, then the phrase: "I was born in a family of poor oilman ..." - I do not get.

-To Be recognized - it is necessary, even necessary, to die.

* Les biyanstvo, th * * sualizm wasp, Ma * ohizm, sadism - is not a perversion. Perversions, in fact, only two: hockey and ballet on ice.

-Beautiful People also shit.

I do not recognize the word "play." You can play cards, at the races, checkers. On stage, we have to live.

-All Pleasant in this world or harmful, or immoral, or leads to obesity.
-I Hate you. Wherever I went, all look back and say, "Look, it Mulia not nervous about me talking».

-Everyone Is free to dispose of his ass as he wants. So I raise my and yvayu **. -To Receive the letter: "Help to become an actor." The answer is: "God help!».

Are women, of course, smarter. Have you ever heard of a woman who'd lost her head just what a man beautiful legs?

-pi-Wee in the tram - all that he did in art.

-Talant - It is self-doubt and nagging dissatisfaction with themselves and their shortcomings, which I never met in mediocrity.

Fourth is to just look at this film, and I must tell you that today, the actors playing more than ever.

-Better Be a good person, "cursed" than the quiet-mannered creature.

Stories about the actress

-How Something Ranevskaya was in his dressing room make-up brand of * th. And smoking. Suddenly it came without knocking Director, Managing Mossovet Theater Valentin schoolchildren. And stood dumbfounded. Faina asked quietly: "You are not shocked that I smoke?».

-Obyasnyaya Someone why pre * ervativ white Ranevskaya said: "Because the white color fills." Ranevskaya asked: "What, in your opinion, women tend to be more faithful brunettes or blondes?" Without hesitation she replied, "Gray!».

-Odnazhdy Theater capricious young actress said: "Pearl, I'll wear in the first act, must be present." "Everything will be present", - calms her Ranevskaya - "Everything: the pearl in the first act, and poison - in the latter».



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