10 phrases that never pronounces intelligent man

Sometimes something like lyapnesh so lyapnesh! Then ashamed. But it is much worse when blurted out - and did not understand that stupidity or rudeness said. A person may not be offended, but osadochek ostanetsya.Nekotorye of these phrases can hurt, and others - will be given to you in layman. The selection Website - ten phrases that are best avoided, no matter with whom you are communicating.

«Wow, you lost!» h2> A great compliment. Especially nice is to hear a man who always shy of his excess weight. Or vice versa - who never themselves plump and not considered. Another reminder of the problems - the best way to have detractors. Another thing, if the person himself bragged - then, of course, your approval will be very useful.

«You're just younger!» h2> Try saying a phrase like a girl. It is better to turn the focus of the phone, even so you can be sure that the currently amassed considerable trouble. Nobody does not like too much a reminder of years gone irrevocably.

«No offense, but ...» h2> The double negative is still a good one to have not finished. Starting bid in such a way, you're already set up to defend human. Anything you say in the future, will not have any meaning for the listener: he will remember only the main message. Do not use this phrase, unless you want to consciously bring the interlocutor of yourself.

«good idea» h2> Just great sound - "a good idea". Especially if it is pronounced indifferently. What does that even mean? Did you like it? You do not like it and you just do not want to offend? Do not be afraid to be more categorical in their judgments. This is - a much better solution than leaving the interlocutor in disbelief.

«I could ...» h2> The very beginning of the sentence, or rather, the particle "to" said the source, you're not going to do that. Eat a formulation can be in a very limited number of cases, if you threaten, if you feel immeasurably superior counterparts, and if you just do not think when you speak.

«But ...» h2> One of the word is enough to turn the whole meaning of what was said earlier. "We are the largest company in this field, we are capable of any order, but this is what we can not achieve." It looks like a miserable excuse. Do not belittle their dignity such petty tricks.

«I could be wrong, but ...» h2> Another way to nullify all subsequent words. Do not try to insure themselves against possible mistakes - no one will appreciate. Doubt the loyalty of its judgment, but think that it should make? Deprive the words of "saving" catchwords and phrases. Confidence - that's what people remember in the first place.

«You look tired» h2> Tired people are incredibly attractive - they have faded eyes, matted hair, problems with concentration and they are, of course, very happy to see all around. A statement of fact "look tired" yet no one helped. One such frazochka able to spoil the mood for the whole day - that's why you should remove it from your vocabulary once and for all.

«As you know, many people ...» h2> Who knows? And who are the most knowledgeable thousands of people? Build an ice so - so in advance to show his ignorance of the subject of the conversation. Knowing the material man will not resort to such vague wording, designed to divert attention only interlocutor.

«It was not worthy of you (He will not fit)» h2> Of course, the other person does not know how to understand people and their own self-esteem problems forced him repeatedly to choose a partner below the rank. At least, that's what this phrase sounds from outside. The ideal option would be not to interfere in other people's relationships at all, but if this happens, try, at least, avoid cliches like.

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