Stylish women's jackets, cotton

Eighty two million fifty five thousand eight hundred thirty eight

If 10 years ago the jackets used for trips to the ski resorts, now it is a favorite winter clothes women. And there is no age limit. Wish to choose quality and original model will be able to buy a jacket for at the most affordable rates. The available models used natural filler – fluff. Therefore ladies will be comfortable in such clothes in the cold, windy weather or snow. You can also choose the style that matches the style of girls, school girls, young mom or a business woman.
A great alternative to fur coats
Many of the owners of artificial and natural fur is preferred jackets. This is a versatile winter garment that can be worn in snow and rain. Models feature a waterproof top layer and a natural type of filler or down with the addition of feathers. These clothes will be comfortable in different weather and at any temperature.
  • Available in the range of down jackets are characterized by high thermal insulation.
  • For sewing used are natural and eco-friendly materials.
  • The filler – fluff – very light and does not cause allergies. Therefore, the weight of the garment is not felt.
Particular care
Winter jacket with natural down filling can be washed. The temperature is recommended to be set no higher than 40°. Such products are dried in the unfolded form on the Terry towel. Moreover, the room should be aired. Outweigh the thing on the balcony when the towel will absorb all the water.
Attention! Eliminates drying natural things on radiators or near other heaters.
Selection rules
Long, medium or short models are distinguished by the type of insulation:
  • easy natural goose down or a mixture of the pen;
  • bio-Pooh;
  • a layer of padding;
  • Thinsulate;
  • hollofayber.
For brand name things always have a label with the recommendations for washing and information about the country of origin. If the down jacket factory, but inside customers will find a bag with a sample of down or other insulation. Will also be attached to a spare hardware flap top fabric.
The manufacturer's name or brand will be present as embossing, embroidery or labels on the product. Buttons, buttons, zippers necessarily applied logo.
As for the stitching – it should be laid on the inner surface of the garment. In these models, the fluff does not go astray, prolonging the aesthetic appearance of the product. Pay attention to the seams. These should not be viewable by the pen of the insulation.
The down jackets can also be different. If the label model is marked down, the filling may be goose, Swan, duck down. And the goods carrying the feather, added pen – and- such options are cheaper.



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