Are you sick? Knock! Emotional freedom technique or Meridian tapping

Angry, offended, annoyed, ashamed, afraid... for the man these feelings are like natural one is.

When negative feelings and emotions accumulate, are not expressed, they become destructive.

If you haven't heard about the technique of tapping meridiannh, search the Internet or look American documentary film directed by Nicholas Polizzi "Emotional Freedom Technique — a Tool for all occasions." This method in the early 80's was invented by American psychologist, Dr. Roger Callahan, and in the 90s the American Gary Craig has perfected it and created the technique of emotional release (EFT). The main thing that a man can use it anywhere.



Meridiannh tapping technique works with any kind of emotional stress is anxiety, fears, guilt, all kinds of addictions, limiting beliefs that prevent people to create a successful and prosperous life as well as physical pain and disease. Any issue which has an emotional basis, can be healed with this method.

The technique of tapping the Meridian points, acupuncture is virtually which is also based on the same meridians. Like tapping, acupuncture achieves the effect of stimulating the energy meridians of the human body. But, unlike acupuncture, tapping does not require the use of needles! "Acupuncture without needles" — one of the important advantages of the method of tapping or as they call it, the technique of emotional release.



Help method of tapping the meridians?

  • The tapping will help You to relax
  • The tapping will ease the pain
  • The tapping will reduce your stress levels
  • The tapping will help to get rid of bad habits
  • The tapping will teach you how to overcome your fear and phobias
  • The tapping will remove the influence of childhood memories

The description of techniques of tapping

Determine as precise as possible, what excites you, frightens, saddens, irritates, for example, at work. And then rate on a 10-point scale the strength of your feelings and emotions.

0 means that it for you no problem, a score of 10 means that you are outside of yourself.

  • Now start tapping the karate point on the edge of the palm and to repeat only one of the following phrases: "I get so tired at work. So much tension. It squeezes out of me all the juices. I feel exhausted. The tension at work binds me worried".

Stimulating point free, produced from a negative. If sitting inside a negative feeling, the emotion, it means unit in your body. The truth is that in this case, itself reflecting senses and tapping on the points not breeds more negativity, and Vice versa saves. The more clearly and specifically you define the problem in a short phrase, the better.

Now keep tapping on the circle starting from the point at the beginning of the eyebrow, and say what you feel at each new phrase moving to the next location.

If in the process of tapping your emotions intensify, this means that up to this point, you suppressed them in himself, did not recognize them. So keep tapping and you will see how these emotions after amplification will start to leave. Self tapping similar to how we energetically printed on the keyboard, or gently drumming on the table.

Rattling point be in a circle (see figure), simultaneously reciting aloud certain phrases and sentences. At this stage it is important to call a spade a spade, disable all censorship, simple, clear, and to speak out loud about what you feel.

If your stress or problem lingers far into the depths of the soul, is running, it is better to consult specialists in the field of psychotherapy.published


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