What happens if you start to tell people the truth

Honesty... and personal branding. Previously, branding was mostly corporate. Now personal branding is sometimes more important than the brand of the company. What is the relationship between personal branding and integrity? Directly. Because when you build your brand, you can not be honest with people and be in his own trap. And in order to get out, to start telling people the truth. But the truth is that people don't really like honesty. And this applies to both the business world and personal environment. What happens if you suddenly begin to honestly answer questions and tell how you actually doing?

From friends who is better: someone who will tell the truth, because he is his friend, not indifferent to, or who say nothing or say that the choice of life partner/job/new home/tie quite even anything, just to like it? As shown, better than one who assents or throws up his hands. And the one who honestly answers the question in the end turns out to be the enemy.

The same applies to work. If you build your personal brand, you have to be successful: to publish beautiful photos with beautiful and successful (as you can with those and with those separately) people in beautiful places; giving comments in fashion magazines; periodically to show off in front of a digital camera and to please their fans with pictures in Instagram and Facebook. Anyone not interested to know even harmful to know that you really can't stand to be photographed, you are already tired to make comments, or whatever you want to stay as far away from those who are constantly flashed on the photos?

But you can't do that, because then you will lose the respect of the public and their customers. You will lose your own brand and, consequently, money. But for a long time, too difficult to sustain, and sooner or later the person has a psychotic break, because he is constantly lying to themselves and others.

It's like signing a contract with any company — you can't speak ill of her until, while working with her. But as soon as the term of the contract will end (or you can tear it with all the consequences), you will again be free and can finally Express their real feelings towards the brand, with whom he worked. But to break the contract with yourself is much harder.

What will happen if you suddenly start to say all the truth? And it will be very fun! Believe me, I know whereof I speak

People will stop talking to you

If you begin to speak the truth, be ready that some people will stop talking to you. It can be your family members, your friends, your colleagues and your investors. Be prepared for what your environment will change dramatically and this applies both to real people and your "friends" in social networks.

When you tell the truth, it is difficult someone not to offend. But also know that only offends those who benefits from it. If a person is honest with themselves, it is very difficult to offend. He can only cause confusion of his actions.

People may think that you have decided to settle scores with life

Imagine what would happen if you start to write your feed only the truth? Most likely, if the day was tough, each post will resemble a suicide note, or it will clearly legible signs manikalno-depressive psychosis.

People will think you are crazy

Reading your records or communicating with you personally, many will begin to arise a natural question:"are You crazy?!" It is possible that they will begin to ask this question to your friends or relatives and be interested in your overall mental state. Someone could politely recommend a good psychoanalyst.

People will be afraid

People will start to hang labels on you. Someone will say that you're just trying to stand out among the crowd and be "different" (urban crazy or crazy genius who will understand?). Someone would call an upstart. To tell the truth — the behavior is not entirely natural for modern Homo sapiens, and nobody likes corporate meeting is somebody gets up and starts to tell the truth about what is wrong. No one likes to tell the truth about the obviously bad things.

People will find you funny

After surrounding get used to your statement, some will even find you funny and people will slowly start to come back to you. It will be interesting that this time vychudit this crazy? And, most importantly, they are confident in the 100% truthfulness of the written or spoken by you. You will become for them almost the only source of news "without censorship". You will become something of a series, which is hard to break away, only cooler.

People will begin to trust your advice

After the stage of addiction and prisypanija, people will begin to trust you. Because they will know exactly what you'll tell them the truth, and will not sing in your ear beautiful story only in order to sell something. They can dislike you, they may even fear you, but come anyway. You may become something of a last resort, by king Solomon in his settlement.

You will be free

And last, the most pleasant stage — you will be free from your Golden cage of its own brand and build me a new brand that will have no boundaries. If earlier, you said that you really liked or that you really thought on a particular occasion due to the fact that he was afraid someone not to fall or lose friends, now you can safely say what they really think. Because there will be people you like because of their personal preferences, not because you agree with them only in order to please.

And you will become easier because now you don't need to follow what you have written, or of what dressed, or for those with whom you now appear on the photos. You are you. And for those people who love you, appreciate you and trust you because of this.

Do not confuse honesty with outright rudeness and brutality. This freedom does not mean that you can say nasty things right and left. This freedom means that now you can build your personal brand on trust, to make himself better and learn to take responsibility for what was said.

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