How to tell the truth and not to be considered an idiot

What is the force, brother?

 - The truth. (From the movie "Brother»).

Almost all spiritual teachings say about the value of truth. Honesty is considered valuable in personal and industrial relations.

Nevertheless, we see that all the people in one degree or another lie. If you turn on the TV, then almost all of the popular TV series, we see examples of lies. And it is formed around a lie fascinating emotional scenes. Since childhood, we know the saying "do not lie to - will not live" (usually in obscene form). We also see that a lie, despite its condemnation, is an important social tool in politics and trade, and in general in the domestic relations. Conversely, a person who is telling the truth, says what he thinks often "uncomfortable" in society, in the best case for him the reputation of an eccentric. Let us remember in this regard at least the product of "The Idiot" by Dostoevsky.

Voznikaket question, not whether it is a false value - to speak the truth

? Maybe it's time to legalize the right to lie? Learn how to make a cultural and beautiful, elaborate "etiquette lies and hypocrisy"? It then can be openly proud of, for example, literacy "divorce" of competitors, the grace of adultery, beautiful deception of the people in elections, etc. etc. After all, there is still a lie, and there is a pride in its success? The difference is in fact only in its recognition?

However, if we imagine the described picture of mentally healthy person has a sense of internal resistance of this "happiness." There is a feeling that "can not be so", "so it will be bad." And in this sense there is a very real reason. What is that reason?

Lies -. It is one of the pathologies of "civilized society»

Danae pathology is characterized by the gap in communications between reality and mental images of reality. The more of these gaps the less adequately the interaction of the individual with reality. Deceive a person is to inflict psychological trauma - to break the link mental image of reality and reality itself. In addition, a liar and injure himself, as must form themselves and distorted mental image of reality, and then to maintain its existence, be taken into account in further dialogue. It takes a certain amount of attention and volume, respectively, the psychic energy. Those. People thus exhausts itself.

Lying is the source of many mental and physical disorders. The small "gaps" with reality gradually form a big problem. The man with the "gaps" misses many cues from the environment, lost contact with the "sense of reality", respectively poorly aware of their feelings and relationships. Intuition is lost. The man often makes mistakes in life (something forgotten not eat, did not notice the traffic signal, etc.) This increases the amount of stress. Well, and then everything on the inclined - psychosomatic, somatic hospitals, medicines, surgery ... you need this? No? Then draw your own conclusions.

Well, to lie understood. And what is the truth? What should I do with it? How to tell the truth and not to be considered an idiot? The answer is simple: carefully and creatively. Telling the truth is really difficult. You can even carp, that is a luxury - to say what you see and what you think. The truth is - a source of inner strength, but the level of human truthfulness, too, depends on the level of its internal forces at a given time. To understand (feel) when and how to tell the truth and need strength and courage and ingenuity. Therefore, you first need to just try to say a maximum of truth, as far as it will turn out. In an extreme case, to remain silent. And not the fact that everything will be smooth and all at work. Not the fact that, even after prolonged practice will have the power to tell the truth always. However, the truth is worth it. Over time and with increasing veracity growing inner strength of man and his ability to speak the truth.
Good luck.

Author: Victor Skliarenko Ramessovich


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