The Achilles heel of aging women

Article about how age changes in popularity of women among men.

NightWolf writes:

"As for the dependence of men from women, then, I still think that it is a myth generated by the matriarchy. Here's why.

It is known that, in the first place, it is for a woman relationship with a man, and happiness is a concrete relationship. For a man with a woman in general and in particular ... it is just a part of life and not far from the main part of it.

Secondly, it is known that the woman, from a medical point of view, needs to be ... much more men and if she did not receive a very long time - the so-called old maid syndrome - that her character is spoiled so that men do not that they do not want relationship with a woman - they are just shy away from it. Also, women's health deteriorates to the female. The man can live happily for life even as a virgin, if able to realize their creative potential. And there are lots of other examples. A woman will never be happy without a man.

Third, the shelf life of women in the attractively-marriage market is much smaller than the male. The peak of female attractiveness accounted for 18-22 years. Then a gradual decline and a sharp decline after 30. Remember that "women are already 25. Men are only 25". Furthermore, ... the demand for men and women is inversely proportional to their age: the older the man, the more in demand; than a woman older, unused. Not everything is so rosy for women in general. »

Explanation Alexander Biryukov:

With age, sharply reduced not only the number but the quality of suitors. The amount is also reduced, and quickly. But the quality falls just disastrous. For around 25 years of women are actually just low-ranking men who are unsuccessful in women and are glad at least some female torso beside him.

In fairness, I must say that from time to time in the aging (ie, after 25 years) women sometimes react BP men. This happens in three cases: 1. ladies remained marketable due to careful grooming, 2. ladies relatively normal, calm nature (so-called "gray mouse") 3. Lady looks good and still shows good, quality demo. But in these three cases, the mold with men more than likely.

In men, the aging process starts only 27 years old. And a man grows old much slower women. We can say that a man under the age of 27 years corresponds to the physical attractiveness of 16-17 year old woman, thirty years - eighteen women. Thirty-five man meets a woman at the age of 22-23 years. I mean of average people. It is clear that groomed zhiruha in untidy clothes and in 18 years will not cause interest even at fifty men. At the same time, smart, well-dressed man in 40 years can have significant success with the 18-year-old girls. Especially if it is successful, self-assured, independent behavior and strong spirit.

In addition, if the popularity of women decreases with the decrease of commodity type, the popularity of men under a certain age only increases. In 20 years the boy anything sensible in itself is not. He is inexperienced in relationships, not yet reached the success and public recognition, not plucked impressive, which is in men 30 to 40 years. Not formed a solid outlook. Not gained independence in thought and action. Not gain solidity and rationality. Judging by myself, I was much in 20 years, much less successful in women than in current 32.

Thus, in addition to slow aging, men have a bonus in the form of increased solidity with age (up to certain age). If 30-35 years woman probably already illiquid, a man of 30-35 years - the most enviable partner and groom.

Author: Alexander Biryukov


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