Vadim Zeland: How to get zhelaemoe- simple secret of success

Sometimes you have so that any purpose to which you are very eager and very willing that was not achieved? And as if a general conspiracy against you arose, only that you do not have their own. And for you, this goal was so important that ... Stop! Here is the key word - IMPORTANT
goal. How often in life there are situations when we say: "To me it is important," "This is extremely important!", "You must do this, it is important!". But what is - Importance? Do we think that giving something excessive importance, we thus ask this excess capacity. But the universe does not like disharmony. And if at one end there was an excess of this importance, the other will try to balance it. From here and get that desire is important for you - never materialized. You want to wish come true? Then remove the importance!

Vadim Zeland in his book "Reality Transurfing" highlights the importance of type 2 -. Inner and outer
Inside the importance - is the importance of the site, which appears "as the revaluation of its merits or demerits. its formula is: "I am an important person" or "I am doing important work." When the shooter rolls the significance of his person, it is taken for the equilibrium of force, and "important bird 'gets a flick on the nose. Someone who "plays an important work", will be disappointed too: either the work will be no use to anybody, or it will be done very badly. " Or, on the contrary, people underestimate their dignity, diminish the importance of himself and his work. This is also a violation of the equilibrium of forces, and also the consequences will not be slow in coming.
The importance of foreign - it overestimated the significance of the object or event outside. Its formula is as follows: "important for me is that something" or "very important for me to do something." And to cope with this manifestation will be much harder.
Any imbalance in the form of excessive feelings and emotions - it is also a manifestation of the importance. "Excess capacity is created only when you attach excessive importance to the quality, object or event - inside or outside yourself." Any system devoid of balance, trying to restore this balance. From here and there are a variety of problems on the way, in whom there was inflated importance.
To do this, you need to let go of the desire itself. It just is - lower importance. You must be neutral in relation to your dream. However, this does not mean you have to forcefully control their feelings and emotions, showing the surface of the balance, and in continuing to spin the storm. Any of your emotions - this is just a consequence. The reason for the same is still the same importance. So we should not go too far, going into neglect and underestimation, humility or remorse. It is also important, but on the back side.
So what needs to be done that would remove important and restore the balance? First of all, realize that if you are having some kind of problem, then its reason lies initially inflated importance. Find it, scroll to the light. And start to work on reducing excess capacity.
There are many different options for reducing importance. Consider some of them. Choose the most interesting for you, and always use as soon as you feel that the balance point is lost.
1. Plan B.
In pursuit of some goal always have a backup plan. And best of several. Ask yourself the question: "What would I do if this does not turn out to achieve?" Knowing the alternatives, the importance is not so rolls over
. 2. Focusing on the process.
Let go of your desire to achieve results quickly. Learn to enjoy the process itself, the way activity. Enjoy it. And do not think that will be there in the end.
3. Do not think.
Stop thinking about your desire, goal. Throw out any thoughts about it. And the best way is to divert attention. For example, books, movies, computer games, work, current affairs, sports. Any other activity that will make you forget about the desire and get carried away by another process entirely.
4. Visualization.
Close your eyes and imagine how you fill a balloon with energy its goal, or desired outcome goals. The color and size - choose to your taste. Tie the balloon beautiful ribbon and release it. See how it flies higher and higher, it becomes a point and disappears. Know he went to meet with the possibilities.
5. Simulation.
If you will have some difficult meeting, then to remove her importance, thoroughly imagine how things will be, what you will say, how to say, how to behave. Lose the situation in advance. This will gain confidence and remove excess capacity.
6. Write!
Take a pen and paper and start writing their desire, repeating it many times. For example: "I want a red car, I want a red car, I want a red car ...". And so until then, until you feel the tension eased and became calmer. Such a process helps to get rid of excess capacity and contribute to the emergence of new and interesting ideas. But here, the main thing is not to overdo it. That desire has not disappeared entirely.
7. Humor. And the most important way - is the humor! If you can laugh at the situation, it is half done! Humor is good relieves the tension and removes any importance.
And remember - never, under any circumstances, not even the glory that rightly deserve. And even more so, what has not yet been reached. This is extremely disadvantageous because the equilibrium of force in this case will always act against you.
Your desires will certainly come true, if you are able to strike a balance in their attitude towards him. Reduce the importance and success did not take long.


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