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In my school days (it was at the beginning of zero years of the new millennium), I was a real serialomankoy. I watched "The area of ​​Beverly Hills," "Rebel Road", "Love and secrets Sunset Beach" (ah, what a beautiful actors were there!), "Ohotnikov Relic" and even "National Security Agent". But that is no exaggeration to say, the next episode of "Melrose Place" expecting more than others, because there I was madly in love two love stories: Michael and Amanda, Kimberly-Kyle. And just like watching the life of a successful, beautiful, ambitious Americans, who then seemed to people from another world.

Now this series is, of course, this does not cause rapid enthusiasm, but when it shows on some of the channels are not switched. It is interesting to look at the heroes who a decade ago was favorite. It turned out that almost all the actors, starring in "Melrose Place", this series was the bright spot in an acting career. It is a pity, of course, but, as the French say, c'est la vie - that's life.

Heather Locklear, embodied on-screen role of bitchiness beauty Amanda - one of the few actresses involved in the series, which is shooting up in the "Melrose Place" was more or less known. The first "serial" Heather was the breakdown of the series "Eight - that's all," in which she co-starred in 1977. But the real fame came to the tiny Locklear after starring in another cult series housewives - "Dynasty". Her character Sammy Jo turned heads all offspring family Kerringtonov.Takzhe 1984 Heather starred in the horror film "generates fire" with a young Drew Barrymore in the lead role.

So no wonder Locklear was listed in the credits "Melrose Place" as a special guest star. Amanda was one of the "long-liver" Melrose Place - she appeared in the second season and was one of the central characters to the end of the series, in 1999.

After the end of "Melrose Place" Heather was shot mainly in the series - "Boston Legal," "Hannah Montana," "See Jane run", "Rules of Engagement." The star of the movie it is so large, alas, did not. Last Heather role - in the drama "He loves me," which premiered in the spring.

Locklear is back in Melrose in 2009 - to continue the series with new characters. She again played Amanda, and a company from the old "district" it made Thomas Calabro, Laura Leighton and Josie Bissett.

Life Heather was as turbulent as that of her character. She was married to musician Richie Sambora, from this marriage she had a daughter ...

... And outrageous rocker Tommy Lee.

Also, the actress was brief romantic relationship with his partner serials - Jack Wagner (Peter).

The charming womanizer Muckle Mancini played by Thomas Calabro was one of my favorite characters of the series "Melrose Place." After the show ended, I began to actively look out for it in other projects. What was my joy when I discovered that Thomas did not think to tie a film career - on account of his role in the famous TV series "Castle», «CSI: Crime Scene Investigation New York," "Cold Case" and "Body Parts" with inimitable Howard Stern. However, the main roles of Thomas can not boast, but the good news is that he continues to act. Calabro was the last role drama "The Devil Inside", which will be released next year. Thomas there, as you would expect, a secondary role.

At this time, 52-year-old Thomas is married. He has three grown children from his marriage with Elizabeth Pryor.

Another typical serial actor - Doug Savant. His character, Matt was the only one who is not offended heroine Heather Locklear Amanda, and that for the reason that Matt preferred boys. In real life, Doug was married twice (the second time - in the colleague "Melrose Place" Laura Leighton, who performed the role of Sidney) and has four children. In Sevanta rich filmography, mostly consisting of the series "According to Jim," "Firefly," "NCIS," "24 Hours," "The main target."

And, of course, we all remember the role of Doug husband homebody character Felicity Huffman in the TV series "Desperate Housewives».

Since 2008, Doug is not removed. His last role was drama "Hold fists».

A married couple that has developed on the set of "Melrose Place" was the union Josie Bissett (Jane) and Rob Estes (Kyle). Josie and Rob were married after the shooting, and they had two children. But, as often happens in the actor's family, the marriage was shaky.

Film career has developed both so-so - Josie acted in small roles in low-budget films, Rob leaned surf serial expanses. Estes was lit in a small role in the continuation of the cult TV series "Beverly Hills 90210: The New Generation" and has also appeared in several episodes of the series «CSI: Miami»

Andrew Shue, who performed the role of an honest guy, Billy, is the brother of the famous actress Elisabeth Shue. However, in his acting career it did not help. Andrew kinobiografii rather scanty - except for "Melrose Place", he appeared in only seven projects and in supporting roles. His last work in film was the role of football in the sports melodrama "Goal 3».

Andrew married a second time to actress Amy Robach. First spouse, Jennifer Edzheni, bore him two children.

Charming actress Courtney Thorne-Smith, who played in the series unlucky in love Alison, made a good career in comedy series. It can be seen in the popular American sitcom "According to Jim" and "Two and a Half Men" as well as in the drama series "Ally McBeal».

The last film project was the role of Courtney in the TV series "The War in the women's society" in 2009.

Courtney managed to visit married twice. Now the 43-year-old actress is raising her son.

Jack Wagner (in the series - Peter Burns) in recent years, too rarely seen on movie screens. More or less visible projects serials Wagner after "Melrose Place" can be called "Titans" and "defective detective." And Jack starred in the erotic drama "Passion kills." However, it was long ago - in 2002.

But Jack has achieved some success as a country music singer. His first solo album, All I Need, he released in 1984.

After the divorce with his wife Christine, married with which the actor had two children, Wagner spun brief affair with one of his "melrouzovskih" lovers - Heather Locklear.

Lisa Rinna (Taylor) is also one of those actresses who throughout his career were taken mainly in the series. Lisa can be seen in "Hannah Montana," "8 Simple Rules for my teenage daughters," "Veronica Mars," "Entourage," "community." Lisa also took part in the American version of the popular show "Dancing with the Stars, and lit up in the talk show" Jimmy Kimmel Live! ».

Wrynn was married to actor Harry Hamlin. From this marriage two children.


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