Results of the 68th ceremony of "Golden Globe» (Golden Globe Awards). Part II - TV

Along with the movies and music that we can look in the cinemas, there is a whole layer of culture, called the TV. We decided not to pass by and talk about the awards in this field.

The best drama series was named mnogoseriynik "Boardwalk Empire» (Boardwalk Empire).

And Steve Buscemi (Steve Buscemi) for her role as treasurer of the city of Atlantic City in the TV series "Boardwalk Empire» (Boardwalk Empire) won the "Best Actor in a Drama Series».

"Best Actress in a Drama Series" - Katey Sagal (Katey Sagal) for the role of head of the family Gemma Teller Morrow in the series "Sons of Anarchy» (Sons of Anarchy).

The best comedy / musical TV series jury recognized series "Losers» (Glee).

"Best Actor in a Comedy Series" was called Jim Parsons (Jim Parsons) the role of the brilliant physicist Sheldon Cooper in the TV series "The Big Bang Theory» (The Big Bang Theory).

Laura Linney (Laura Linney) and her role of Cathy Jamieson (teacher, died of cancer) in the series "Big F» (The Big C) were awarded the prize "Best Actress in a Comedy Series." The actress did not attend the award.

The award "Best miniseries or movie for TV" was awarded to the creators of the French-German TV series "Carlos» (Carlos) on international terrorist with the nickname.

The famous actor Al Pacino (Al Pacino) in uncharacteristic segment received the award for "Best Actor in a miniseries or movie for TV." So the jury noted his work in the television movie "You Do not Know Jack» (You Do not Know Jack), where Al played pathologist Jack Kevorkian, seeking to legalize euthanasia.

A similar award, women only received Claire Danes (Claire Danes) for her role as Temple Grandin in the eponymous TV series "Temple Grandin» (Temple Grandin) about Dr. autistic.

Finally, the award for supporting actor went to Chris Colfer (Chris Colfer) and Jane Lynch (Jane Lynch) for the role of Kurt Hummel and Sue Sylvester, respectively, in the series "Losers» (Glee).

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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