Day in Photos, January 17, 2011

They say Monday - the day heavy. Nothing of the sort. Normal weekday. Look in all the colors of a Photowire previous day. One of the key events - the start of Australian Open.

Although Bristol came up with even "holiday" in honor of the third Monday in January. They called it the «Blue Monday». According to statistics, on this day the largest number of British depressed. To give a strong effect, dealers of second-hand clothing exhibition partly on the street.

Remember our "darling" Jarmila Groth? All had hoped that mimicry and later help her win. It did not work.

Belgian Yanina Wickmayer beat Australia's.

Women in football - the power! Muslim women on football - Megas! Jordanian Cheerleaders Cup Asian Cup.

Heavy snowfall in Japan partially suspended the operation of industrial giants, such as concern Toyota has suspended work on several key factories.

Hindus too slowly begin to get used to the snow. In Srinagar already thinking about snow broads.

In the German town of Wertheim fit to conduct tours on the boats. Do not Venice, but still. True to think about it is after rescuers evacuate all residents.

It would seem, how can there be joy of flooding. Hugo Papts and his younger brother found. Now you can practice windsurfing on the streets of the town of Horsham, Victoria, Australia.

Vietnamese policemen click Semyon, while politicians are choosing the new leaders of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

General Director of Virgin Group eats an apple engraved with "10 000 Airbus." Embossing symbolizes the entry of the company in a leading position in the world. Boeing smokes nervously on the sidelines.

Activists of women's movement FEMEN protest near the courthouse where the trial is against Irina Shevchenko - one of the "colleagues in the shop».

The founder of Wikileaks Julian Assange has participated in a meeting of the London club Frontline, which passed two CDs with information about offshore banking informants. Under the threat of exposure of more than 2000 of the nouveau riche.

The Swiss Bellinzona occurred burned Federal Criminal Court.

Activists fighting for the independence of several southern states in India, blocking traffic in Hyderabad.

Continued protests in Tunisia. The demonstrators demanded the resignation of the president. The police on duty do not agree.

Mexican Gabriel Orozco Work Gallery in London Tate Modern.

A visitor of the International Exhibition of watchmaking in Geneva (Switzerland) admires another instance of the exhibition.

Model posing at the international exhibition of furniture fittings and design in Cologne, Germany.

A resident of the Chinese city of Shanghai is looking forward to the arrival of the Year of the Rabbit in the lunar calendar.

In Sri Lanka, women dance during a religious holiday "Thai Pongal».

An employee of the British Museum considers the bones of a giant pig, whose age is about 35 million years.

Today, the penultimate day of men's fashion week in Milan (Milan Fashion Week Menswear).

Horned woman on the podium in Hong Kong as part of a fashion show Ica Buffon.

And for a snack fan of a Colombian sailor Popeye, who worked at the airport in Medellin more than 30 years.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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