Day in Photos, February 25, 2011

Friday! What else can I add? Relax and meet the weekend with a sense of accomplishment, and we'll tell you what was interesting in the world.

London's oldest eatery serving eels M. Menza continued to work for nearly 120 years.

An Afghan boy plays old truck near the town of Garmser.

Girl working on the assembly line of the Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg. Dogotovka progress of the new Golf 6.

A girl in Bilbao, Spain, along with his dog does not work, but lies and sunbathes.

One of the most popular Indian transports to the jail in Ahmedabad.

Israeli police detained activist from the left of the Palestinian movement on the street Shihady, West Bank.

China dumping prices not only for consumer goods. The French airport Lyon halted a shipment of ecstasy from China. Total weight - 52 kg. The estimated cost of a gram of poison - 10 euros.

Bulgarian armed guard of the order passes containers with drugs that were found during raids in customs and in the Alexander Hospital in Sofia. In total, it was destroyed drugs worth more than $ 25 million.

South Korean military approach to the North Korean border for the fact of crossing the border from the neighboring state.

President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych held a video chat and telephone answering with their supporters on Maidan in Kiev. Today, one year his "reign" country.

The girl from the movement FEMEN with the question apparently did not get through.

Round Table in St. Petersburg Library named after Boris Yeltsin. Spanish businessmen, King Juan Carlos of Spain and President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

Supporters of Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Sayeh gathered for a demonstration in Sanaa.

For some, the word "love" - ​​not an empty phrase.

In Baghdad, Iraqi protests were also held in the framework of the Day of anger against corruption and deterioration of life. Police did not stand on ceremony.

Libyans continue to protest against the regime of Gaddafi. Action in Benghazi.

It's time to take a bet where faster the coup. In Bahrain, the "boiling point" almost come.

Egyptians continue to celebrate. At this time in the form of Friday prayers in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

In Manila, in the Philippines, held a celebration of the victory of the people over the dictator.

During the celebration, there was something interesting. On the heads of two cardinals doves landed. And if Labayenu Julio (left) dove just sat down, here Juice Villegas (right) - not the fact that just because :)

Bangladesh national cricket team performed the national anthem before the match of the World Cup qualifier against Ireland in his native Dhaka.

Sri Lankan cricketer Lasitha Malinga attacked his own hand during training.

Japanese motorcycle racer Noriyuki Haga during the first test run «Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit» in the framework of the world championship motorcycling among the superbikes.

Another Japanese, but the skier, Shohei Tochimoto hovered in the sky Norwegian Oslo, during the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships.

Recumbent football played by Saif Aldin Ali (facing us) and Algerian Gezzali Yousef (the back part of us). The match was for the bronze medal in the championship of Africa Cup. Won Sudanese.

Roger Federer can not return to the first line of the rating. The moment of victory over Frenchman Richard Gasquet in the quarterfinals of the tournament in Dubai.

The massive statue of the "Oscar" exhibited near New York Hotel Carlyle, where the party will take place on the eve of the presentation of awards.

The throne of Napoleon exhibition in Versailles. The exhibition will open on Monday and will run until June.

The Roman Museum «Scuderie del Quirinale» opened the exhibition of works by the Italian Renaissance painter - Lorenzo Lotto.

Chinese mechanic Ding Shi Lu from Shenyang gathered plane with their hands out of scrap materials. The total weight of "bird" - 287 kg, and the price - $ 395.

Showing autumn-winter collection Blumarine within the Milan Fashion Week.

Photo: AP, Getty Images, Reuters


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