If you can do that, then you can do whatever you want

This happened during Omar, the great Islamic Caliph. He struggled with his enemy for 30 years. The enemy was very strong and the battle lasted a lifetime.

In the end, it happened once that it was favorable case: the enemy fell from his horse, and Omar jumped on him with his spear. Just for a second spear could pierce the heart of the enemy, and all would be over.

But at this point the enemy made one thing: he spat Omar in the face, and the spear stopped.

Omar touched his face, got up and said to the enemy:

Tomorrow we will start again.

The enemy was confused. He said

— What's the matter? I was waiting for this moment for 30 years, I waited, hoping that someday I'll put a spear to your chest and be done. Such luck never came to me, but it came to you. You could end me in an instant. What happened to you?

Omar said:

— It was not a conventional war. I made a vow, a Sufi vow that I will fight without anger. For 30 years I fought without anger, but now the anger came. When you spit, I just for a moment, felt the anger, and it all became personal. I wanted to kill you, it became ego.

Up to this point, for 30 years, had no problems, we were fighting for some reason. You were not my enemy, this in no way was personal. I in no way was interested in how to kill you, I just wanted to win the case.

But now, for a moment, I forgot about the reason: you've become my enemy and I wanted to kill you. That's why I can't kill you. So, tomorrow we start again.

But the battle has not begun again since the enemy became a friend. He said

Now teach me. Be my master and let me be your disciple. I want to fight without anger.

This is the whole secret: to fight without the ego, but if you can fight without anger, then you are able to do without the ego all because the battle is the high point of the ego. If you can do that, then you can do whatever you want. But now you can't even love without ego.published


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