Ego - is the complete opposite of your true essence. Ego - it's not you. Ego - the lies generated by society in order to prevent you throw the toy and switch to a question about the true things. Because I am convinced that as long as you do not drop the ego, you do not comprehend its true nature.

From birth you had authenticity. But soon for your "I" took as it should: you - a Christian, a Catholic, white, German representative of the chosen race of God, you should rule the world, and so on and so forth. You impose a false idea of ​​who you are. They give you a name, and that name erected around the mountain ambitions and conditioning.

And so, step by step - after all, it takes almost a third of your life - your ego is processed through the efforts of schools, churches, colleges, universities ...
And by the time of graduation, you completely lose their innocent nature. Now you - a huge ego, topped with a gold medal, first class, the title of the best student. Now you can let the world.

This ego has all the desires, ambitions, it seeks to be the best at everything. You find yourself in bondage to its own ego. And it does not allow you to see glimpses of your true nature - and in fact your real life - there, in your authenticity, because the ego creates a poverty, suffering, struggle, frustration, madness, suicide, murder - all crimes.

Seekers of truth should begin with this starting point: whatever society revealed to you about who you are, Drop it. You definitely can not be so - but because no one can know that, except yourself, neither your parents nor the teachers, nor the priests. Besides you, no one can penetrate the mystery of your being. No one knows anything about you; no matter what they were talking about you - all lies.

Drop everything. Destroy ego to the ground! After destroying the ego, you will discover its essence. And this discovery - the only possible great discovery, because it begins with a totally new journey to the highest blessing to eternal existence.

You are free to choose either frustration, misery, poverty - and then continue to cling to their egos, fueled it. Either peace, the silence, the grace - but then you have to return their innocence.

A child is not born with the ego. From birth, the child does not possess ego. Ego nurtured by society, religion, culture. You've probably watch the children: they do not say "I'm hungry." If the child's name is Bob, he would say: "Bob wants to eat. Bob need to use the toilet. " He has no sense of 'I'. He refers to himself in the third person. Bob - this is how it is called the others, so he also calls himself Bob. But one day ... as they grow older you will learn it that way - wrong. "Bob you can call the other, and so you do not have to be called. You - an individual, get used to call themselves "I". " On the day when Bob gets the "I", he loses the reality of life and falls into a bottomless pit of hallucinations. He had only called himself "I", as immediately set in motion the energy of a different quality. Now it is the "I" wants to grow, it wants to be great; it wants to, wants it. He needs to climb higher and higher in the world of hierarchies It craves more space reign.

If someone "I" more than you do, you've got there is an inferiority complex. You make every effort to become greater than he is holier than him, more than he. As a result, your whole life is put on the altar of a single folly - what you lack in the first place.


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