Carlos Castaneda: the fear ische 3 of the enemy of man

When a person starts to learn, he never has a clear idea of the obstacles. Its purpose is vague, its intent is unstable. He was awaiting a reward that never will get, because not yet aware of the trials ahead.

Teaching is not always what is expected of him. Every step is a new task, and fear that a person experiences, is growing relentlessly and steadily. His goal is a battleground. And thus appears before him, his first natural enemy: FEAR!

A terrible enemy, the insidious, inexorable. He lurks around every corner, stalking and waiting. And if the person flinching in front of his face, turned away, his enemy will put an end to his quest. Man will never become a man of knowledge.


He can be a chatterbox or a harmless, scared man; but in any case he will be defeated.


To beat fear, just do not run.


Man must conquer his fear and in spite of him to take the next step in training, and another step, and another. He may be completely terrified, and yet he must not stop.

And the day will come when his first enemy will retreat. People will feel confidence. His intention will be strengthened. The training will no longer be a daunting task. When will come that happy day, the person may not hesitate to say that defeated his first natural enemy. It happens gradually, and all the fear disappears suddenly in a single instant.


Those who overcome fear, free from him until the end of days, because instead of fear comes clarity, which dispels fear.


By this time, the person knows all your desires and knows what to do with them; he may discover or to take new steps in learning, and all his actions are permeated with acute clarity. Man feels that for him there are no secrets.


And so he meets the second enemy: CLARITY!

This clarity that is difficult to reach, dispels fear, but she is also blind..


It causes a person not to doubt myself. She makes sure that he clearly sees through everything. But this is all wrong. If the person succumbs to his imaginary power, then he is defeated by the second enemy and will be in training to stagnate. It will rush forward, when to wait, or will he wait until you cannot wait.

So, instead of a man of knowledge, man can become a brave warrior, or, say, a buffoon. However, the clarity for which he paid dearly, will never be replaced again by darkness and fear.

To avoid defeat, we need to win clarity and use it only in order to see and wait patiently, and before each new step carefully to weigh; especially, to know that its clarity is in fact illusory.

And one day he will see that clarity was only a point before his eyes. The only way he can defeat his second natural enemy to reach a position where he has nothing to damage. And it would not be misleading, this will be a true force.


At this stage it will become clear that the force, which he chased for so long finally belongs to him. He can do with it whatever you want. His wish is the law. He sees through all around. This means that before him the third enemy: POWER!

This is the most formidable enemy. And of course, it's easier to just give up; after all, in the end, the owner really is unbeatable.

People here rarely see a third enemy loomed over him. And he has no idea that the battle is already lost. He turned his enemy into a cruel, capricious man. But neither clarity nor strength he never lose.

From people the knowledge of man defeated by his own power differs in that it is the last to die, and not knowing actually what to do with it. Power is only a burden in his life. Such a person has no control over himself and can not say when and how to use his strength.

But if the person was only temporarily blinded by power, and then abandoned it, so all is not lost, and he's still trying to become a man of knowledge.

Man is defeated only when he left all sorts of attempts and he denied himself.


Defeat the third enemy understanding. People must come to understand that the power that he seemingly conquered is in reality it does not belong and can never belong maybe. It needs to establish itself in constant self-control, sober and selflessly taking all that he learned. If he is able to see that, without restraint, clarity, and power of illusion is worse, it will reach a point where everything will be under his command.


Then he will know when and how to use his strength. This would mean that he defeated his third enemy, and came to the end of their journey in education.


And then without any warning it catches the last enemy: old AGE!


This is the most cruel enemy that you cannot defeat, you can only delay defeat.

It is a time when people got rid of fear, from the unbridled and insatiable clarity, a time when all his strength at his disposal, but also time when they possessed an irresistible desire to relax, to lie down, to forget. If he gives him freedom if he will lull themselves to fatigue, you miss his last fight, and crept the enemy will strike it, turning it into miserable old creature. The desire to retreat will Eclipse his clarity, negate all his power and all his knowledge.

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But if you shake off fatigue and live your destiny to the end, then it really can be called a man of knowledge, even briefly, if only for that brief moment, when he will be able to ward off the last and invincible enemy.

This one moment of clarity, power and knowledge is enough. published


©Carlos Castaneda




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