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Albert Goering

As you know, felmarshal and official heir of Hitler, Hermann Goering was one of the main pillars of the Nazi regime, a staunch anti-Semite and a war criminal.

Hermann Goering
More surprising, that his brother Albert from the Nazis came to power was not simply ideological opponent of Nazism, but actively saved his victims, sometimes even at the risk of their own lives because of this. Despite this, the brothers for a long time kept quite brotherly relationship. This new book tells the story of the Australian historian William Burke.

The crowd at the Vienna Square whooped with joy when the SA storm troopers hung on the neck of the Jewish old woman plate «Ich bin eine Saujüdin» («I - Jewish pig") and began to poke fun at her. Suddenly, the crowd came a stately man with a high forehead and a thick mustache, and began furiously to fight their way to the center of events. When they reached the old woman, he tore off her plate and threw it to the ground. It ran two attack aircraft, which he knocked blows in the face. Scuffle, the man was arrested and twisted. However, he was immediately released - it took him only to give his name: Albert Goering, brother-powerful Reichsmarschall, Commander of the Luftwaffe and Hitler's close friend.

Years later, when the Third Reich had sunk into the abyss, he was back in prison, this time the US, and this time his name did not help him, and hurt.

"The result of the interrogation of Albert Goering" - indignantly recorded in the minutes of interrogation, the investigator Paul Kabela - "was one of a brazen attempt to wash and to justify himself, which only survived our SAIC (Seventh Army Interrogation Center)». Skeptical was then set up and translator Richard Zonnenfeldt "Albert told us a fascinating story, which I then could not believe it."

Brother Goering - Resistance fighter, well what a normal person would believe it?

The life of the younger brother of Hermann Goering really is a fascinating story that even after almost 70 years after the war was still almost nobody knows. In part, this is probably due to the fact that most people have the same reflex is triggered as the American investigator Paul Kabela. Brother Reichsmarschall Goering, Hitler's official successor - the savior of the Jews that supplied them with money and false documents, and even frees the prisoners of the concentration camp - yes it is conceivable?

"It has been 4 months since I am in prison, and did not even know why," - he wrote to his wife in 1945. After all, he voluntarily came to the US military to 9 May 1945, Goering wrote further, for years he tried to feasibly fix what did his older brother, and now feels unjustly punished. To correct an injustice, he took a pen and paper and wrote on it in alphabetical order the names 34.

"The list of Alberta." In alphabetical order, with a list of professions, nationality and former residence here are the names of 34 people who are Albert Goering saved from Nazi persecution, thereby having saved their lives. Many of them - Jews, some were already interned in concentration camps. Many of the survivors or their families after the war confirmed this information.

The name, which he provided a list of "People I saved the life, exposing themselves to danger (the Gestapo three signed a warrant for my arrest)».

This list, as well as other documents relating to Albert Goering, gathering dust in the archives for decades and no one was the case before them, although life of his older brother described down to the smallest detail: his passion for hunting, the collection of paintings and other art objects looted throughout Europe. So far in 1998, a team of British TV men not made a documentary "This Albert Goering." Back in Sydney, this film saw 18-year-old William Burke. The story shocked him and would not let go for a long time. "The notion that the very monster that we all know from the history books, the younger brother was a kind of Oscar Schindler, seemed incredible," - he wrote later.

Without hesitation, Burke withdrew all his savings account, and went to Germany. He took off the corner of the hostel Freiburg, moonlighting in an Irish pub, and three years worked to collect information about Albert Göring. He studied archives and met with people who had known the younger Hering, with those who he helped to escape. As a result, the light appeared the book, which in May this year, and comes in German, - "Brother Goering».

It Burke describes a man is a complete and dramatic contrast to his older brother. "He was always my complete opposite," - said he Hermann Goering for interrogation in Nuremberg. "I was always interested in politics and the army, he - ever. He was a quiet and humble, I love the society and big crowds. He was always sad and melancholic pessimist, I - an optimist ».

Even outwardly brothers were not so similar that there were rumors that the mother of Francis Goring prigulyala younger son on the side. Herman was a blue-eyed, and Albert - brown-eyed, German - squat and thick, and Albert - tall and lean, Herman - powerful, loving submission to flaunt grandiloquent and pompous phrases, and Albert was a cultured, refined and charming bonvivanom well versed in music, four married ladies' man, always plant affair with women.

When the Nazis first came to Germany, Albert decided not to deal with them, and leave. In 1928 he moved from Haytsungsboylerna to Vienna and took Austrian citizenship. But he hated imperial policies pursued by his older brother, 10 years caught up with him in Austria after the Anschluss.

From the beginning, he decided not to turn a blind eye to things happening around him injustice and tyranny, and to help the victims. For example, such as Oskar Pilzer, a former president of the «Tobis-Sascha-Filmindustrie» - the largest film company in Austria and Wilhelm Gryuss, director of the same company, where he worked and Goering himself. Both were Jews, and that gave the Nazis an excuse to prohibit the showing of a film studio produced films - to eventually prikommunizdit imagine this studio. When, in March 1938, a day after the Anschluss, Pilzer Gryuss and were arrested by the Gestapo, they interceded for Albert Goering.

"Taking advantage of its loud name - said later the son of George Pilzer - Albert Goering has set in motion all the levers to first figure out where is my father, and then release him." He was released and Gryuss.

And there were many such cases. "In the autumn of 1939, when my husband and his son from his first marriage threatened internment in a concentration camp, Mr. Goering succeeded in sending them abroad", - says Alexander Ottsop.

Once Albert Goering from a sense of solidarity with the humiliated Jewish women along with them scraped the pavement Vienna - on all four! When the SS men asked him who he was, and heard the reply, they were horrified and immediately ordered to stop washing.

At that time, when his brother strenuously forged a Luftwaffe friends Albert supplied false documents, warned them about the arrests and gave the money to refugees from Austria. Officials who tried to stop him, he deftly bullied his name loud, and at times he had to falsify the signature brother.

Among the rescued people Goering were such famous figures as the composer Franz Lehar, the Austrian Archduke Joseph Ferdinand IV and the Austrian ex-chancellor Kurt von Schuschnigg.

It was all very strange and bizarre. "Nobody knows to whom the card will fall," as sung in one song. German vain, of course, knew what his brother - and, nevertheless, did not stop him. As recalled Albert's brother told him, if you want to save their Jewish friends - that's your business, but it is, please do not implicate me in this case. Attitude to his older brother Albert, too, was a little schizophrenic, he tried to distinguish between a brother and a Nazi bonze: "Despite all the contradictions, relations between us were fraternal" - he recalled.

However, appeals to the brother to be careful, Albert turned a deaf ear, the more so since the end of 1939, he himself took on the important post of chief of the department esporta concern "Skoda" in the Czech Brunn, where began to support the Czech resistance movement, as confirmed by then many of its activists. If we believe their testimony, then Albert Göring gave not only detailed plan for the harbor of submarines, but the plan divide the German side of the Soviet-German non-aggression pact. As confirmed by the same Czech partisans, the most important information was successfully transferred to Moscow and in London. Goering entered and the number of participants in the underground center of the "Skoda". The underground, among other things engaged in sabotage and shares of protest against the Nazi regime. In the end, the director of "Skoda" Jan Moravek was forced to flee from the persecution of the Gestapo, and none other than Albert Goering arranged for him and his family travel to Romania.

But that's not all. In 1944, Goering was able to release the prisoners from the concentration camp Theresienstadt. "He said," I - Albert Goering, chief of export concern "Skoda" I need workers & quot ;, - told later Benbassan Jacques, the son of one of the companions of Albert Goering. "He filled their trucks prisoners. Head camp agreed because they do not dare to contradict his brother Goering. Trucks drove to the forest and all the prisoners were released ».

The fact that all these stories are not fictions, confirmed by documents of the German authorities. Thus, the head of the Prague Gestapo made a note in Goring that his office at the "Skoda" turned into a real headquarters for the "poor Czechs." Prague and General Police, SS-Obergruppenführer Karl Hermann Frank Goering thought "at least a defeatist worst kind" and in 1944 he ordered the arrest because of "serious and compelling evidence." The order of arrest was signed by the chief of the Gestapo chief Miiller and Hering Jr. was arrested. It was the last time Goering Sr. managed to free him. The elder brother many times saved the younger arrest, and this time warned him that he no longer will be able to help him. As with every downed aircraft rolls and the star of the powerful commander of the Luftwaffe. Therefore, shortly before the end of the war Goering Jr. was forced to flee to the Austrian Salzburg.

The fate of the brothers prepared one last meeting: in the US prison camp in Augsburg. "You will soon be free," - allegedly said to his younger brother Hermann Goering. - "Take care, please, my wife and my children».

While sentenced to death at Nuremberg older brother committed suicide by taking poison shortly before the execution, the younger a long time US interrogators seemed too suspicious person to let him go free. Now it loud surname was his curse. And though all the investigators who have studied his work, came to the conclusion that he was not to blame in anything, Albert Goering was not released and sent to Czechoslovakia to The local authorities could convict him for war crimes (after all, the plant "Skoda" made the military products). Fortunately for him by one of his investigators turned Victor Parker - nephew of Franz Lehar, who knew the history of the salvation of his aunts and uncles, and personal interviews of many people from the list of Goering. Finally, in March 1947, when many former employees of "Skoda" testified in his favor, Albert Göring was acquitted and released.

He died in one of the suburbs of Munich in 1966 from cancer at the age of 71, impoverished and embittered. About his anti-fascist activities almost no one knew. As a qualified engineer, Goering could not find a permanent job in post-war Germany, only occasionally earning translations. Relationship to a high-ranking Nazi criminal, many times to save his life and freedom, turned out fatal.

By "Spiegel»

Albert Goering in the trenches of the First World

Bon Vivant

Albert Goering was married four times; here he is removed from his third wife - Czech beauty Mila Klazarovoy. For Mila, who was 20 years younger than him, he left his second wife, Erna, was dying of lung cancer. However, the marriage to Mile was not easy for him to adventure: from the point of view of Nazism was a crime against the purity of the Aryan race. In this marriage I was born and only child of Albert - daughter Elizabeth.

Photo convict Albert Goering.

The famous composer Franz Lehár, author of Hitler's favorite operetta "The Merry Widow" with his Jewish wife Sophie Pashkis in the garden of their home in Austria's Bad Ischl in June 1945 Legare was arrested by the Gestapo for relations with Jews and saved Albert Goering. After this incident, Lehar received a letter from the authorities with a demand to divorce his wife, otherwise he will be enrolled in the non-Aryans and all of its works will be banned. It was also prevented Goering Jr., the elder brother begged help ensure that marriage Lehar was classified as a "privileged mixed marriage" that saved his wife from deportation. But friends and Lehar operetta librettist Jews Fritz Grünbaum Fritz Lehner and died in the death camp.

At the 26th place in the list of Hering is a famous actress Henny Porten, one of the first movie stars of Germany, came under attack because of marriage with a Jewish physician Wilhelm von Kaufmann-Asser. According to the Nuremberg Laws, the actress was recorded in Untermensch (subhuman), boycotted her films and she threatened to financial bankruptcy, prevented Albert Goering. The photograph shows a family Porten after the wedding June 24, 1921.

Albert Goering with his third wife. Hermann Goering was outraged by this marriage, the Czech Mila Klazarovu Untermensch he thought and did not appear at their wedding in Salzburg, June 23, 1942.

At the 12th place in the list of Goering listed Archduke Joseph Ferdinand Salvator von Österreich-Toscana (pictured here in 1895). Archduke spent 3 months in the concentration camp at Dachau, where he was released on Albert Goering.

The author of Goering - an Australian living in London, William Burke. Interestingly, Burke refuted the theory of journalist Leonard Mosley that Albert Goering allegedly was the illegitimate son of a converted Jew Heinrich von Eppenshtayna, his godfather, whose Castle Goring family lived for several years (at the moment of conception Albert Göring uninterruptedly lived in Haiti). < br />


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