How to escape from captivity in an airplane pilot Devyataeva changed the course of the war

Today marks exactly 69 years, as an ordinary Soviet pilot Mikhail Devyatayev made incredible and became, in fact, one of the key factors of victory in the Great Patriotic War. While in captivity, he stole a secret Nazi bombers, together with the control system for the world's first cruise missile FAU. These missiles Wehrmacht planned to remotely destroy London and New York, and then wipe Moscow. But the prisoner was able to Devyatayev alone prevent this plan come true. The outcome of the Second World War might have been very different if not for the heroism and courage of the desperate mordvintsa1 Devyatayev named Michael, who was taken prisoner and was among the few who survived the inhuman conditions of a Nazi concentration camp. February 8, 1945, he and nine other prisoners hijacked a Soviet newest bomber Heinkel-1111 with integrated radio system and targeting of a secret long-range cruise missile V-2 on board. It was the first ballistic cruise missile in the world, that was capable of with a probability close to 100%, to reach targets at a distance up to 1500 km and destroy the city intact. The first goal was slated London.

In the Baltic Sea on the line to the north of the island of Usedom Berlin there. On the western tip of his secret base located Peenemunde. It was called "reserve Goering." There were tested the newest aircraft and immediately located the secret Rocket Center, headed by Wernher von Braun. With ten launch sites along the coast at night, leaving tongues of fire, the Gypsies "V-2". This weapon Nazis hoped to reach right up to New York. But in the spring of '45 it was important to terrorize the closer point - London. However, the serial "V-1" flew only 325 kilometers. With the loss of the starting base in the west began to cruise missile launched from Peenemunde. From London to over a thousand kilometers. The rocket lifted on a plane and have launched over the sea.

Aviation units engaged in testing the latest technology, led by thirty-three ace Karl Heinz Graudenz. He has had a lot of military merit, marked Hitler's awards. Dozens of "Heinkels", "Junkers", "Messerschmitts" top-secret division participated in the feverish work at Peenemunde. The trial itself was Graudenz. He flew to the "Heinkel-111", which had the monogram "G. A "-" Gustav Anton. " The base carefully guarded by fighters and air defense anti-aircraft guns, as well as the service of the SS.
February 8, 1945 was a normal, busy day. Lieutenant Graudenz hastily dined in the dining room, put in order in his office flight documents. Suddenly the phone rang: Who do you take off like a crow? - I heard a gruff voice Graudenz chief of air defense. - I have no one up ... - Not up ... I saw through binoculars - soared somehow "Gustav Anton." - Get yourself another pair of binoculars, stronger - flared Graudenz. - My "Gustav Anton" is a shrouded motor. Take off on it soon as I can. Maybe the planes we fly without the pilots? - You'd better Look on the spot whether "Gustav Anton» ...

Lieutenant Graudenz jumped into the car and two minutes later was in the parking lot of his airplane. Cases of truck engines and batteries - that's all I saw numb al. "Raise your fighter! Raise all you can! Catch and shoot! "... An hour later, the aircraft returned with nothing.
With a tremor in the stomach Graudenz went to the phone to report the incident to Berlin. Goering learned about the accident at a secret base, stamped - "hang the guilty!". February 13 Goering and Bormann arrived at Peenemunde head ... Karl Heinz Graudenz survived. Perhaps reminded of former ace merits, but is likely to rage Goering was relaxed saving lie, "The plane caught and shot down over the sea." Who hijacked the plane? The first thing that came to mind Graudenz, "what-mi ..." Britons worried base from which to fly "FAU". Probably, their agent. But caponier - earthen shelter for aircraft, which was hijacked near the "Heinkel", was found murdered guard group of prisoners of war. They fell asleep in the day bomb craters. Urgent construction of the camp immediately showed that ten prisoners is not enough. All of them were Russian. A day later the SS office reported one of the escapees was not the teacher Gregory Nikitenko and pilot Mikhail Devyatayev.

Michael landed in Poland behind the front line, got to command the aircraft transferred to secret facilities, he reported what he had seen everything in German captivity, and thus determined the fate of the Reich secret missile program and the progress of the war. Prior to 2001, Mikhail Petrovich had no right even to talk about what the title of Hero of the Soviet Union introduced its Designer of Soviet missiles SP Korolev. And what is his escape from the Peenemunde rocket base 8 February 1945 allowed the Soviet command to find out the exact coordinates of launch pads and V-2 bomb not only them, but also the underground plant for the production of "dirty" uranium bomb. It was Hitler's last hope for the continuation of the Second World War to the complete destruction of all civilization. The pilot said: "The airport on the island was false. On it put plywood models. The Americans and British bombed them. When I arrived and told him about this, Lieutenant-General of the 61st Army Belov, he gasped and clutched at his head! I explained that I have to fly 200 meters from the beach, in the woods where the real hidden airfield. His trees are covered in special wheelchairs. That's why he could not find. But to him it was about 3, 5 thousand. Germans and 13 units "V-1" and "V-2».

The main thing in this story is not the fact that with a protected secret base emaciated Nazi concentration camps, Soviet prisoners of war newest hijacked a plane and reached their "own" to save themselves and to report everything that was able to see the enemy. The main was the fact that hijacked plane was not -111 ... remote control V-2 rocket - developed in Germany, the world's first cruise missile long range. Mikhail Petrovich in his book "Escape from Hell," published eyewitnesses escape Kurt Shanpa that that day was one of the guards on the basis of Peenemunde, "was prepared last test launch V-2 (" V2 ") ... At this time, absolutely suddenly rose from the western airport some aircraft ... when he was already over the sea, the ramp went up a rocket V-2 missile. ... On the plane, which was made available to doctors Shteyngofa, escaped Russian prisoners of war ».

Devyatayev then said: "The aircraft had a radio to set the course of the rocket" V-2 ". The plane was flying from the top and on the radio guided missile. We then was nothing like this. I'm trying to take off, accidentally pressed the rocket launch. Because she flew into the sea ».



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