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Born on July 8, 1917 in Mordovia, in the working village Torbeevo. It was the thirteenth child in the family. His father, Peter T. Devyatayev, hard-working, workman people work for the landlord. Mother Akulina D. mainly been busy taking care of children. By the beginning of the war dead were six brothers and one sister. All of them participated in the battles for the Motherland. The four brothers were killed at the front, the other ahead of time passed away due to wartime injuries and adversity.

At school, Michael studied successfully, but failed to measure shalovliv. But one day, as if it replaced. It happened after the plane landed in Torbeevo. The pilot, who appeared in his clothes magician, swift-winged bird of steel - all this has subdued Michael. Do not restrain himself, he then asked the pilot:

 - And how to become a pilot?

 - It is necessary to study well - was the answer. - The practice of sport, be brave, brave.

Since that day, Michael decisively changed: all gave their studies and sports. After the 7th grade, he traveled to Kazan, intending to enroll in aviation school. There was a misunderstanding with the documents, and he was forced to go to River College. But the dream of the sky is not extinguished. It captures it more and more. There was only one - to join the Kazan flying club.

Michael did just that. It was difficult. Sometimes late at night to sit in airplane and engine flying club class. In the morning, the river was already hurrying to school. Once the day came when Michael for the first time, but with an instructor, took off. Excited, beaming with happiness, he said, while his friends: "Heaven - my life!»

This high dream and led him, River College graduate, has mastered the Volga expanses, the Orenburg Aviation School. Study it was the happiest times in his life Devyataeva. He was gathering the crumbs of knowledge about aviation, a lot of reading, diligently practiced. Happy as never before, taking off into the sky, which until recently only a dream.

And summer 1939. He - a military pilot. And special - the most formidable opponent for: fighter. At first, he served in Torzhok, then he was transferred to Mogilev. There again luck was in the famous squadron pilot Zakhar Vasilievich Plotnikov, who managed to war in Spain and Khalkhin-. From it recruited Devyatayev combat experience and his comrades.

But the war broke out. And on the first day - sortie. Although most Mikhail Petrovich could not knock down "Junkers", he said, maneuvering, brought it to his commander Zahar Vasilyevich Plotnikov. And he did not miss the air enemy, hit him.

In his last interview, it looked like this: "June 22 at 9 am I involved in a dogfight over Minsk. Callsign mine was - "Mordvin & quot ;. I almost cried - my plane was riddled. A day later, I knocked the Germans. We attacked the bombers, and they were shot. Shoot them in German, shoots and it flies. Tanks have been self-sealing, dual-layer, with a liquid rubber. The bullet hit the tank, and the fuel does not flow - rubber hole closes, the plane does not light up. And our tanks were simple, one bullet hit the tank, fuel begins to flow, the second bullet ignites the plane and all the & quot ;.

Soon lucky and Mikhail Petrovich. Once a break in the clouds his eyes hit "Ju-87". Devyatayev, without missing a second, and ran for the Nieman and a moment later I saw him in the crosshairs. Immediately he gave up two machine guns. "Junkers" broke and fell to the ground. There were other good luck.

Soon distinguished themselves in battle summoned to Moscow from Mogilev. Michael Devyatayev among others, was awarded the Order of the Red Banner.

The situation more acute. Devyataeva and his comrades have had to defend the approaches to the capital. In the brand-new "yaks" They intercepted the aircraft, hurrying to reset deadly cargo on Moscow. Once near Tula Devyatayev along with his partner James Schneier came to grips with the Nazi bombers. They managed to shoot down one "Junkers". But the plane Devyataeva hurt. Still, the pilot managed to land. And he was in the hospital. Do not cured until the end, ran out to his regiment, is already west of Voronezh.

September 21, 1941 Devyataeva instructed to deliver an important package to headquarters surrounded by troops of the Southwestern Front. He carried out this mission, but on the way back entered into an unequal battle with the "Messerschmitt". One of them was shot down. And he himself was wounded. So it was back in the hospital.

In the new part of its medical commission examined. The decision was unanimous - in the slow-moving aircraft. So a fighter pilot was in the regiment of night bombers, and then in the air ambulance.

Only after meeting with Alexander Pokryshkin he could once again become a fighter pilot. It happened in May 1944 when Devyatayev found "Pokryshkina economy." New colleagues greeted him warmly. Among them was Vladimir Bobrov, the fall of the 41st gave the blood of the wounded man, Mikhail Petrovich.

Not once raised Devyatayev his plane into the air. Repeatedly, along with other pilots division AI Pokryshkina come to grips with the fascist vultures.

But then came the fateful July 13, 1944. In a dogfight over Lviv, he was wounded and his plane burst into flames. At the command of his master, Vladimir Bobrov Devyatayev jumped out of the plane in flames ... and was in captivity. The interrogation of the interrogation. Then transfer to the Intelligence Abwehr. From there - a POW camp in Lodz. And there again - hunger, torture and humiliation. Following this - Sachsenhausen concentration camp. And finally - the mysterious island Uzedon, which serves heavy-duty weapons, to which, according to its creators, no one to resist. Prisoners Uzedona - is actually sentenced to death.

And all this time the prisoners mature one thought - run, run, come what may. Only on the island Uzedon this decision has become a reality. Nearby, at the airport Peenemunde were planes. And the pilot Mikhail Devyatayev, a man of courage, fearless, able to carry out planned. And he realized, despite the incredible difficulties. February 8, 1945 "Heinkel" 10 prisoners landed on our soil. Devyatayev delivered the command of strategically important information about a secret Uzedone, which is manufactured and tested missiles Nazi Reich. There was still two days before the scheduled fascists massacre Devyataeva. He saved the sky, in which he was infinitely in love since childhood.

Stamp POW affected for a long time. Neither trust nor the present work ... It is depressing that fosters despair. Only after the intervention is already widely known chief designer of spacecraft Sergei Korolev case moved from the dead point. August 15, 1957 Devyataeva feat and his comrades got a decent score. Mikhail Petrovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and participants were awarded orders trip.

Mikhail Petrovich finally returned to Kazan. The river port has returned to his first profession - riverman. He entrusted the testing of the first speedboat "Rocket". He became the first of his captain. A few years have driven the Volga-speed "Meteora».

He died November 24, 2002. He was buried in the Alley of Heroes cemetery Arsk Kazan.
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