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One blogger answer the question why the Russian and Ukrainians - not Slavs ...

The answer - then what about this are the results of genetic analysis. It is reported that no single Eastern Slavs of the Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians do not. And never was. Russian and Ukrainians - not Slavs. And Belarusians - quite a Western Slavs, Poles close relatives. All what we were taught, if we talk about blooded, in a modern way, genetic kinship - nonsense. Who, then, Russian? The answer is simple, and not so unexpected. Russian - a Finno-Ugric Slavicised. Our nearest blood relatives - Mari, moksha, Mordvins, Komi, Udmurt, Hungarians, Finns, Estonians. New Russian citizen Jora Depardёv some weird sixth sense immediately determine which blood should appeal, seeking their way in their new homeland. And got Mordovia registration. Fell down to the roots, so to speak.

However, here we must remember that the Finno-ugroskie nations are united today in a special group on linguistic grounds. Language and blood often come from different sources. If Russian - Finn by birth, but a Slav - on language group, and some can be quite Hungarian Finn by language group, but a Slav - blood, genetics. In the "Tale of Bygone Years" territory of modern Hungary is listed as the Slavic lands. So right about the genetic relationship with any of the Finno-speaking peoples to speak properly. But common sense does not change.

Russian - a Finno-Ugric genetic, have adopted and transformed the Slavic language to such an extent that other Slavs did not understand him. In the "great and mighty" Russian language vocabulary of 60-70%, that is, basic words, non-Slavic origin. Russian blood does not refer to the Aryan and the Ural family of nations. A map, so beautifully depicted the powerful movement of the Slavs in the East have to correct. These were probably small streams princes, warriors, merchants, their families and other urban people in the lands inhabited by Finnish tribes. Ukrainians also had no luck. We are with them not relatives. But it seems to me that they have experienced today would be pretty easy. However, their claim to the Slavs as well groundless, as ours. Genetically Ukrainians - Turks, descendants of whether the Bulgars, Pechenegs either. Blood relatives Tatars.

Only Slavs among the so-called East Slavic peoples are Belarusians. But in fact they are - is originally from the West Slavic group, or, more precisely, the Polish tribes. With a strong Baltic, ie Lettow Lithuanian member. It is, if someone does not know, such Lithuanians, Latvians, historical Prussians and others. Here we have all genetics.

Write about this media. There were articles in the "Government". Today I read an article here. In particular, we are told that prepares certain fundamental research publication of the gene pool of the Russian ethnos. Debunks the traditional idea of ​​who the Russian. And the conclusions of such unconventional that scientists even feel some trepidation about their publication. It is known that heredity is fixed in two ways: - old anthropological measurements; - New genetically using molecular biology tools. For anthropologists typical Russian - medium build and medium height haired blond with light eyes - gray or blue. Reference Ukrainian - tan brunette with regular features and brown eyes. But anthropological measurements proportions of the human body - before last century science. Today, you can read the news the human genome. The most advanced methods of DNA sequencing analysis considered (read the letters of the genetic code) of mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome man. Mitochondrial DNA is passed through the female line from generation to generation, virtually unchanged from the first lady of our species. The Y-chromosome is only available in men and therefore also practically unchanged transmitted to the male offspring. The rest of the chromosome is transmitted from the father and mother of their children shuffled nature, combined, and understand which genes from whom, it is practically impossible. Unlike indirect signs (appearance, body proportions), sequencing of mitochondrial DNA and Y-chromosome and unquestionably right shows the degree of relationship of people.

Genetic analysis of, inter alia, to determine the genetic distance between people. On the Y-chromosome genetic distance between the Russian and Finnish Finland is only 30 conventional units (close relationship). The genetic distance between the Russian man and so-called Finno-Ugric peoples (Mari, Vepsians Mordovians etc.), Residing in the territory of the Russian Federation, is 2-3 units. It's not even a direct relationship, this identity! Analysis of mitochondrial DNA showed that another immediate blood relatives Russian - Tatars Tatars, like the Finns, separated from the Russian all the same 30 ulovnyh genetic units (close relationship). Ukraine's population is divided into different genetic groups. In eastern Ukraine Finno-Ugric it. Eastern Ukrainians virtually indistinguishable from the Russian, Komi, Mordovians, Mari. What does not seem surprising. But with the Ukrainians in Western Ukraine turned out quite interesting. Zapadentsy - not Slavs and russofinnny. They belong to an entirely different group of genetic blood-- Tatars: between Ukrainians and Tatars from Lviv genetic distance of only 10 units.

Will, of course, very curious to explore the monograph "Russian gene pool," which seems to be due out at the end of the year at the publishing house "Ray." If the case is really is the case, as we know from the information leaked to the media, nationalists expect serious problems. It is one thing - the Slavic-Aryan Russia. It's quite another - Russified, Slavicised Finnish population ruled by Varangian-Slavic princes. Feel the difference, right? However, for our country, it can turn into a direct benefit. Because it confirms once again - the subject of history is not ethnicity. History is made by enterprising people, a group of soldiers, traders, and they create the state. When different groups, with different genetics, anthropology, culture, language, live long enough in the borders of one state, a new ethnicity, cultural and historical community. Blood, the genes for the dominant ethnic group have no value. The whole thing - a common historical destiny and a single citizenship. Even if the word citizen had not been invented.

And the concept of the "titular nation" does not make sense. Because the titular nation in Russia is Russified Finns in England - Germanized Celts, France - Romanized Gauls, digest conquerors, the German-speaking francs in Spain - the local Romanized Celts, Germans, ready to absorb, etc. History - it is always the history of society. And social elite, which can break any active citizen. But the story is not blood. And no history of genes. From what I congratulate you, my dear russofinny, ukrainotatary and belorusopolyaki. Hail Eastern Europe - a great mixture of blood and cultures!

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