Why Russian and Ukrainians - not Slavs

One blogger answer the question why the Russian and Ukrainians - not Slavs ...

The answer - then what about this are the results of genetic analysis. It is reported that no single Eastern Slavs of the Russian, Ukrainians and Belarusians do not. And never was. Russian and Ukrainians - not Slavs. And Belarusians - quite a Western Slavs, Poles close relatives. All what we were taught, if we talk about blooded, in a modern way, genetic kinship - nonsense. Who, then, Russian? The answer is simple, and not so unexpected. Russian - a Finno-Ugric Slavicised. Our nearest blood relatives - Mari, moksha, Mordvins, Komi, Udmurt, Hungarians, Finns, Estonians. New Russian citizen Jora Depardёv some weird sixth sense immediately determine which blood should appeal, seeking their way in their new homeland. And got Mordovia registration. Fell down to the roots, so to speak.

However, here we must remember that the Finno-ugroskie nations are united today in a special group on linguistic grounds. Language and blood often come from different sources. If Russian - Finn by birth, but a Slav - on language group, and some can be quite Hungarian Finn by language group, but a Slav - blood, genetics. In the "Tale of Bygone Years" territory of modern Hungary is listed as the Slavic lands. So right about the genetic relationship with any of the Finno-speaking peoples to speak properly. But common sense does not change.


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