It's time to buy property in Spain cheap.

Your attention is a very ordinary custom promotional post. But despite the fact that it is an advertisement, I will try to make it interesting. And most importantly, I believe that it may be useful for those who want to have time to buy property in Spain cheap now and later sell it much more expensive, or enjoy it yourself. And everyone else who as I do not have 26,000 euros, I propose to look at beautiful sunny pictures of Spain on the example of the cozy town of Empuriabrava, on the Costa Brava, more popularly known as the "Spanish Venice" and dream about the coming summer; -) < br />

Empuriabrava - the largest marina in the world in the near future become a major European center of parachuting. This charming town on Spain's Costa Brava more popularly known as the "Spanish Venice". Where such a romantic name? Take a look at the photos. Lovely villa, immersed in greenery and flowers all year round, white yachts and boats of all kinds and calibers, carries them happy owners in a pleasant voyage through the network of channels with access to the sea directly from the threshold of his house.

And over all this splendor of the azure sky and the Spanish multicolored canopy gently fall on the evergreen grass airfield. Empuriabrava airfield has always enjoyed a well-deserved attention from fans and professionals parachuting. It hosts competitions European and world level and the local parachute school is considered one of the best in Europe.

Perhaps this compound so many great factors in Empuriibrava and determined decision of one of the sheikhs Arab Emirates invest a fraction of their funds in this gem of Spain. Sheikh, a big fan of parachuting, the sponsor of many world-class competitions, recently bought the airfield Empuriibrava with the club and the adjacent territory. Who started the development project for the modernization of the whole complex, the implementation of which will be carried out with little or no suspension of its activities. Municipality Empuriabrava happy to get such an investor, and not without reason, hoping for an even greater rise in popularity of the "Spanish Venice", and hence the influx of additional funds in the treasury of the city.

According to sources close to the local "White House", to celebrate the sheikh was asked to give its consent to the assignment of its name in the main street of Empuriabrava replace the existing "Juan Carlos I». Most likely he will refuse for some reasons - after all still alive Juan Carlos King of Spain and the main street is named after him. Do not be amiss to explain that the "Spanish Venice" was and still is a very prestigious town and no sheikh, but of course, with the realization of his project of the elite of this paradise will increase many times.


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