Where can I find a prestigious job?

Found in the account Rostec fun infographic: it graphically compares career prospects in the state corporations and ... Palace of obesity - "McDonald's". It turned out - surprise! - That the factory workers earn an average of nearly 60% more than polishers and professional collectors burgers. And the award to 75% of salary. And some guys do not know;)

Clearly, this is all the humor and hellish trolling, but let's fantasize. That will leave "McDonald's" memory to the employee, ottarabanil 10 years, first in the toilet, and then at the checkout? Ruined stomach and chronic constipation from so-called free lunch and memories that once he became the best employee of the month in its Balashikha Bagged; how dare spit in milkshake ordered Dagestani; as a paw in the evening shift pimply neofitku.

Or you can make cars, helicopters, missile systems and machines - that is something that does not go the next day straight into the toilet. In general, turned on the brink of a foul, but not bad. In general, as they say in the McDonald's, working in the right place and Appreciate your time!



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