The safest seats on the plane

Passing pre-flight check, most people seeks to get the most comfortable from their point of view places. However, people with a phobia in the selection of places used entirely different criteria.

They try to find out where it is safer to sit in the plane. So, does it make sense to look for the safest place in the plane? What places, according to aerotow, the most safe? How correct their choice? We will try to understand these issues objectively and impartially.

  • The end of the cabin

A significant portion of people with aerophobia sure samebecause seats on the plane are at the end of the cabin. The theory is based on the fact that the falling liner to hit his nose on the ground. Accordingly, the passengers on the front seats suffer the people, located in the back.

  • Seats at emergency exits

For some aerotow this is the safest part of the plane. People hope that the proximity to emergency exits will help in emergency situation as quickly as possible to leave the aircraft.

How true is this theory?

In fact, look for the safest seats on the plane – a hopeless task. Your confidence in reverse – only the error of thinking, provoked by the fear of flying. Looking for the safest seat on the plane, you're just trying to create the illusion of control over a situation beyond your control. However, reasoning, in what part of the plane safer, focus on finding the most safe zones have a negative impact on the psychological state of the person with the phobia. Imagine you have convinced yourself that at the end of the cabin will be safe. Came to register, but it turned out that the rear seats are already occupied. In such a situation there is every chance to provoke the escalation of the phobia, until the complete loss of self-control. The divergence of reality from expectations can lead to panic attack, to force a person to completely abandon the flight.

Summing up

The need to find a safe place in the plane called aerophobia. Don't waste time and energy unnecessarily. You're not looking for "the safest place in the cinema"? And the roof of the head is also falling, and more often than planes. While you're at it just don't pay attention. If, despite the arguments of reason, to cope with fear fails, you need to understand what caused it and then to take steps. published


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