The illusion of colors

Incredibly, the world around us paints not. Colour - this is just an illusion created by the brain and not in the physical reality suschestvuyuschaya.Posmotrite around. You since birth surrounds illusion "more reality" that is so common that, like the air, completely invisible to us.

For example, the rainbow shows how people have only themselves: its existence is due to the peculiarities of human vision and depends on the conical photoreceptors in the eyes - to other living beings, do not have similar cones, cones, rainbow does not exist. Thus, you do not just see a rainbow - you create it.

Let's give the floor Erwin Schrödinger, Nobel Laureate in Physics, one of the founders of quantum mechanics, better known to the general public thanks to one cat, "If you ask a physicist, in his understanding, there is a yellow light, he will tell you that it is transverse electromagnetic wave length which is approximately equal to 590 nanometers (nm). If you ask him, "Where's the yellow?" - He replied: "In my painting it is not really, but when these vibrations fall on the retina of healthy eyes, the man who owns this eye, a sensation of yellow color" ».

However, the sensation of color can not be explained in terms of an objective picture of the waves of light available to the physicists. Proof of this are visual illusions, colored dreams with his eyes closed, and people see the color spocobnye other senses.

Cheating zreniyaZritelnye illusions reveal some aspects of how the vision. If you look closely at the point in the center of a black and white image for 15 seconds, the picture takes on the paint.

Let's look at one more illusion. In Russian it is called "running light green circle" in English sounds like "lilac hunter." It is based on the effect of Troxler.

What is unusual about that? After a moment on the ground disappearing purple spots appear green spot, moving in a circle. But because in reality it is not! Electromagnetic waves in the range of 500-565 nm range is not physically get to the retina of the human eye. It is also unusual, as if we heard the melody of the song while on the eardrum has not received to sound vibrations. And if you focus on the cross, the purple spots disappear altogether.

This is a static frame from SIFCO above, which shows the reality. Physically, there are only the purple circles. Green is not on one of the frames. This is yet another confirmation of the non-physical nature of color. Moreover, when we see color dreams, all eyes are closed.

Concentrate look at the center of the picture. After a while vague colored images disappear and turn into a solid white background. The picture is not gif. Here, on the contrary, the electromagnetic waves that are responsible for the color, come to us in the eye, but the colors we no longer see.

If you look at the central cube tile on top and on the side, turned to us, we see that in the first case, it has a brown color, and the second - orange. It is our perception of reality. But physical reality is that those two tiles of the same color.

Colored figures, "I said to my father, I realized that in order to write the letter" R ", all I have to do - is to first write a" P "and then draw a line down from its loop. And I was so surprised that I could turn a yellow letter into an orange letter just by adding a line! "- Patricia Lin wrote Duffy, writer and sinestetik.

In some people, irritation of one of the senses is as special to him feelings and sensations that correspond to other senses. This phenomenon is called synesthesia, which in Greek means "co-feeling." That is, people may look at moving pictures and still hear the sound. Or for him, each number or letter can have its own color, as shown below. Colored figures - this is the most common form of synesthesia. By the way, I wonder what Patrizia see if the orange for her "P" will be written in ink light green?

That is, it is not necessary that the color was associated with a specific wavelength of the electromagnetic wave. Color can be generated by sound vibrations and sound, for example, a certain animation.

Nobel Laureate in Physics Richard Feynman said: "When I see equations, I see letters in colors - I do not know why." He was also sinestetikom.

James feels Vannerton words on taste. New York for him to taste like a boiled egg, and London - like mashed potatoes. And another man, McAllister sees music. He reacts to the sound of areas responsible for hearing and vision. It is amazing that he is blind at age 12: "When I hear music, before my eyes appear multi-colored flashes, it seems to me that I see even more great colors than sighted people».

And to ensure that you do not lie, and people are not crazy if they are developed here such tests, as shown below. On the paper printed a lot of fives and twos. The average person looking for a relatively long period of two to figure it all on one person. Sinestetiku do not need time to viewing each digit. He immediately sees the red pyramid formed by twos.

Phenomenon tsvetaUchenymi conducted experiments on the perception of artificial neural networks (ANN) illusions. The perception of illumination of the selected point depended on the surrounding structure, the context in which it was located. Also, the formation of illusions affect previous experience stereotyping. For example, people see the face of a convex, not only when it is really convex, but if it is the flip side of the mask, that is, inside the concave shape.

We live in a reality of its information. Color is only an illusion created by the brain in the physical reality does not exist. Depending on the expectations of context, the mental models of the brain can freely change the color of objects. That would be hard to imagine if the color was a real physical phenomenon.

Colors - is a form of language. When we see one color - we see something vague, a dependent, something like a single word in the language. The interpretation of the "word" happens when we put in a "proposal" and its context. And the electromagnetic wave - it seems to be the essence presented to us in two forms: existential, as part of a physical reality, and denotative, like ink stains on paper, formed into meaningful for us configuration words that have meanings, as part of the the reality of the information.

By the way, even if the colors of nature will be revealed in our consciousness, the question arises, why color is such as we see them? This is due to our structure, or it may have been somehow randomly selected during evolution as were randomly selected just such and not other letters to the alphabet? How does it see the world in the ultraviolet or gamma?

Also, it follows that the world is apparently not only nekrasochen, but still no sound. And the question of whether the sound can be heard falling tree in the forest, if there's no one can give an answer. No, not heard. Physics maintained. Tree falls, apply heat shimmer. But the sound was born in the brain of the observer.

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