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Many of us believe that the Soviet cinema is completely unknown to citizens of other countries. However, this view belies a large number of various forums and conferences where people from other countries are actively discussing our cinema. Today you will find out what they think about American citizens known Soviet fairy tale "Jack Frost»

"Imagine that some Russian got together, took a little" drugs "and decided that it would be nice to make a film ... to move the trees and the house on chicken legs, I can only explain it."

"It's not just a bad movie, it's the worst that I have ever seen and I am afraid when I see something else. This is not a film, but a crime against humanity! I am surprised that the creators of the picture does not burst out laughing when they saw that they did. "

"More than anything America has to be afraid of one thing: that the makers of this film is not gone over to the camp of terrorists and did not shoot them propaganda films. It's just a nightmare some! Some acid Teletubbies surrounded by snowdrifts. Believe me, people, this film is really traumatic for the psyche! Stay away from him! »

"People, they call it a children's film! You can imagine, kids! Is Russian children really like this movie ?! Somebody has compared the story with the "acid Teletubbies", but I think the reason lies in the other. Just on the set was very, very, very much vodka. Wow, they were once warm in these drifts! »

"On a scale of one to ten I would give this film a zero. If they take that, I was not surprised that the Soviet Union collapsed ... »

"Viewing this film may cause the loss of reason and motor functions. Magic mushrooms, walking the house and trees, gnomes killers ... Although, if you are a child and your native language - Russian, you can see this movie (even though you probably it is already seen). Otherwise, better to see "The Little Mermaid».

"Some gaga boastful tale about a guy who turned into a bear, and about eleven-year abnormal girl he wants to seduce. Some stupid house in the legs, a strange man mushroom gnome ... In short, a film about anything! »

"Yes, I agree that the film is certainly weird, but remember, he is a foreign! That is half a priori, you do not understand, even if it is normally transferred (which is not always). "

"Maybe it's not the worst movie I've ever seen, but something about that. If it was not pretty Nastya (originally written Nastinka - approx. Aut.), It generally can not be watching ».

"Is it possible that Russian in 1964 was so bad with the movie that they speak with such enthusiasm about this horror ?! In no case do not see this movie, even if you want a census or to supplement their collection of old Soviet films. Mental health is more expensive. "

"In my life I've seen a few children's films. This does not have anything to do with them. "

"I do not understand these Russian films. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the film is ostensibly for children, but I doubt that children there too anything to understand. "

"When I was a kid, no film seemed to me too stupid, that it can not see. Then I looked, "Jack Frost" ... It was not just stupid, it was painful to watch! »

"I realized why I hate this movie. Because it is designed for children and brings them to one single idea: people, attractive appearance, good, and people with repulsive appearance - this universal evil. Of course, I understand that it was in the old fairy tales always, but I had never seen that this topic was so basic! And it saddens me very much, because the scenery in this film is really great. Unlike content ... »

"I would not say this is the worst movie I've seen in my life, but of the three, he is without a doubt part. The worst thing is that this picture is positioned as for children. Yes, if you saw this movie as a child, I would have probably moved wisely! All existing copies of the picture must be burned! "" Come on! For Russia, the 1960 film is not too badly done. But the thunder strike me if this is not the strangest movie I've seen in my life! "" I was still interested to know the juicy details from the life of rural Russia. I had no idea that before the introduction to a potential husband Russian girls make a clown make-up and wear the crown as the diner Burger King! »Whatever you say, but something humorist Mikhail Zadornov did was right. American will never understand Russian, no matter how he tried. We are absolutely, absolutely, outrageously different, and no globalization that will never change. But maybe that's the beauty?

But incidentally, reviews Europeans.

CZECH REPUBLIC Guys, I do not understand you. In our country, a film shown on television every year, and it is still popular. If you do not know what Baba Yaga lives in a hut-to-chicken legs (as everyone knows in Eastern Europe), then you have nothing to help.

Germany This film is simply at odds with your viewing habits. It is weird? Of course, like all the old German, French or English tales. I wonder what you would say if they knew about the existence of the Brothers Grimm? Americans deprived layers of culture, rooted in the European Middle Ages. The story - deep roots in the Slavic culture, they do not need to steal scenes from Indian tribes exterminated.



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