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While in the 1980s in Hollywood filming "Terminator" and other "predator" in the approaching collapse of the USSR rocked two cinematographic events that without a hint of irony have the right to be called a cult. Adults still vast country sincerely empathized Brazilian "Cinderella" Izaura and children each summer waiting to return to the screens of a futuristic kind of magic called "Guest from the Future».
For many, the culmination of the summer holidays were the same five happy days, when one of the two or three available channels, the little girl Alice huge eyes staring at the other side of the TV screen, promising "beautiful far away." And yet there is little doubt that even if not soon, but someday, in the new century, we will see the Institute of time Kosmozoo, humanoid robots, machines with a free issue of different delicacies and, of course, be able to fly on a flip or pull the rest to the moon.
Probably every generation should have their own idols, and the islands of memory that is pleasant to return decades later. For some, these islands will be "Harry Potter" or songs of Max Korzh, and then 20-30 years ago, all the boys and girls had been ill "alisomaniey." This year the film "Guest from the Future," a kind of anniversary - the legendary television series began filming in 1983. What are the difficulties faced crew and what tricks they used to film the most spectacular scene, we describe in this article.
In the 80-90s of the last century it was difficult to find a boy who is not fond of fiction. For these, of course, the most interesting were the first two series of "guests" in which director Paul Arsenov with the help McGee tried to lift the curtain on the future, which, if you're lucky, had to wait for all of us.

"Beautiful far" greeted the audience and sterile cleanliness Kohl Gerasimov Institute of time. The inner part of the building was shot in the pavilion at the film studio. Gorky. Room with a time machine plastered white wallpaper and illuminated as brightly as possible. Mimics the endless corridors of the institute decoration was actually relatively small, and the effect of the confusion created only because of the actors' performances and a special shooting from different angles.

For the lighting of corridors "future" standard cost while incandescent bulbs. They are inserted into the special box of frosted glass, and voila - it turns a very futuristic at the time coverage.
Surrounded by greenery, the entrance to the Institute of time filming in the Botanical Gardens of Moscow. But the building itself institution - no more than the layout of a height of about 50 cm. It hung on ropes and perspective combined with the clearing, which was allegedly Institute.
According to the art director of the film Olga Kravchenya, that today easily done on the computer, then had a long and painstakingly created manually. Take the spaceport. For general plans filmmakers drew its upper part, which was then on the film had to be combined with the lower part of the scenery. "Movies shot on film, on which it was necessary to work with" masks "that is filmed a part of the image, and then" imprinted "other. It was necessary also to combine the light, the color in both images, the line connection was invisible. The work of many professions, including art director, schemers, costume, make-up artist was combined into a single unit under the leadership of chief operator of the picture, "- says Olga Kravchenya.

To create a "cosmic" atmosphere inside the spaceport was decided to use glass tubes that were used in chemical plants. This crew was going through, will survive whether the brittle material to a desired scene.
Kosmozoo partially filmed in the Botanical Garden of the capital of the USSR, as well as the input came from the area near Metro ENEA. Originally wanted to shoot the cosmic zoo in Gagra - painfully appropriate nature, exotic. However, due to prolonged inclement weather the film crew had to leave with nothing, turned his attention to Moscow landscapes. From the captured material useful in Gagra only footage of waves that can be seen behind the doors of "bus" with instant teleportation.

By the way, look for unusual fantasy flat plywood bus came up with director of the film. Paul Arsenov did not want to come up and so eyesore in every film of similar subjects consoles and piling buttons. Why the future does not make the process of the instant motion as simple as possible - opened the door, and you're on the other side of the Earth?
With mielofon way it was more difficult. The device, due to who started the whole "mess", not really described in the primary source, it was necessary to invent it yourself. Designers had a lot of options appearance of the device for reading thoughts. But after the director saw the crystals used in the production of cameras, then he settled on the idea of ​​"crystalline mielofon».

Much more difficult by the studio was to make a time machine. Employees of the shop used to create fake historic surroundings with the help of imitation stucco and unusual "fairy" invoice, but shiny plastic proved their strength. Something had to be done to order, and for the registration of the remote amiss Rubik's Cube. Why is he? Yes, simply because in 1980 the Hungarian puzzle has been extremely popular.

With the time machine is linked to the most advanced of the Soviet cinema of the time visuals. Remember lightning, rainbows, stars and contour lines that accompanied the journey Koli in time? All this was done manually. The optical effects created in the laser lab, were shot on film and then shots were combined sophisticated way. On the creation of one of the left frame in the best month.

The famous old buildings, in the basement of which today there was a time machine, found by chance in the street, at home, almost all of which were demolished. The basement room is entirely a built pavilion scenery. Walls painted African motifs, to add a touch of mystery. Columns made from foam and cardboard to the explosion in the last episode did not hurt the children. Rings of foam obtyanuli cardboard, sawed at predetermined locations, laid back and pyro cartridge detonated at the right time.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular episodes of "Guest from the Future" were shots that appear flips. Among the students of Minsk even legends, they say, in Moscow really is a ride with the flying cabins! In fact, the cabin were common, but extremely expensive props. In Lithuania, they produced five pieces, each flip cost about 5 thousand rubles - a respectable sum for those times, which was quite possible to spend on these "Zhiguli».

In addition, there were several miniature copies flips with models of people therein. They were used for long-range shooting with high-flying plans for aids. Such toys hung on a wire to the crane boom about 20 meters, and then selects the appropriate background, such as the hotel "Cosmos". To wire did not shine, it painted over in the color of the background.

The full-size heavy flips with these actors set in the back of trucks on special designs in the form of protruding bars on the sides of cars. If the frame at the same time there are two flip, then needed two trucks that were supposed to go next smoothly and with pinpoint accuracy. Sometimes these episodes noticeable jiggle too harsh - the illusion of flight so disturbed by potholes. At one point during filming, even stripped were traveling towards the "Zhiguli" - had to pay a fine of 200 rubles.
According to the memoirs of Cinematographers, goes all out on the set all - actors and adult and children. Played Vyacheslav Innocent Laughter In spite of his size, he was ready to do all the tricks, which he, however, was not allowed. And Mikhail Kononov often so improvised that turned out much better scenario variants.

Yevgeny Gerasimov masterfully embodied a robot Werther - the hero, from A to Z coined specifically for the film. Why reinvent the complex mechanisms or recourse to expensive animation if one person using a gait and a specially delivered speech failed to show an ideal robot of the future? Plus, of course, costume, wig and makeup.

In the scene of the murder of Werther costume actor put in a pair of metal plates attached to them pyrotechnical. Yevgeny Gerasimov he pressed the button that activates the fuse, and thus "set fire" himself for about one and a half minutes before the pirates shot at him. By the way, the laser beams - the usual hand-drawn animation, which is superimposed on the exposure ready with plastic frames "blasters" in the hands of the Rat and Laughter W.

Literally I had to carry a heavy burden Alexei Fomkina, inimitable Kolya Gerasimov. Remember the fourth series, in which Alice perched on the shoulders of his girlfriend Julia fungal and wearing a long cloak, represents a very tall lady in a huge dark glasses? The performer in the role of Julia was physically unable to carry Natasha Guseva. Alex came to the aid Fomkin. They put on his socks, sandals, school uniform, seated on his shoulders and sent Alice to defile the street.

Herself Natasha Guseva taught properly disperse to remove a spectacular six-meter long jump in gym class. The girl was siganut through the camera operator who priporoshit sand. Who plays Alice Selezneva then he told me that terribly afraid of falling on the operator and break his neck or back. Fortunately, everything worked out.

But in the episode where Alice throws trolley shot girl stunt. She ran at the same speed, and right in front of the "hits" trolley accelerated, running on. At the same time the viewer does not see a "clash" because the frame is covered by trolley. However, if you look closely, you will see and easy running, and the time of acceleration of the trolley bus and flashing legs (it was at the end of the second series).

Such "kinolyapy" in the movie a lot. For example, the crew did not like the way the episode turned out to Kosmozoo when Alice tries to read the thoughts of a crocodile. Predator fashioned from foam, and, in principle, it was very similar to that of the alligator. But divers controls the layout, not deep lowered into the water. It was obvious that this fake crocodile, but still too light, floating on the surface. Particularly attentive viewers may even consider diving.

In shooting "Guest from the Future" went for two long years. During this time, many of the children involved in the shooting, had time to grow. This is especially evident when you consider that the first scenes filmed on location in the "present" and "future" was postponed for the last stage.
The authors show our childhood have developed different fates. Unfortunately, for some of them the future was not so bright, what promised to Alice. But many of those who remember the film, and today no longer dream flipnut to the spaceport, stroll through Kosmozoo or open the door of the bus in Minsk and get anywhere in the Maldives. Will it is ever implemented?
When, during an interview with one of the now adult artist as Bori Messerer was asked if he would like to live in the future, as shown in the film, the actor said: "The question is put incorrectly. To live in this world is impossible, because it is so unreal ... "" It was clear even in 1984 that everything that was depicted, this is not futurology. No. It's some totally sterile world, which is only needed for the realization of certain ideas. He is vague and unreal. As if in the center of focus and blurred around the edges of all the world ... This is, unfortunately, in my view, a mark utopias of the sixties, from the same series as the Strugatsky. All around there is a science, scientific and technological progress jerked, young children engaged in science. And now we see that science in our country, and abroad, did not have a tendency to engage in it the place that dreamed Bulychev and others. The reality is that 85% are not interested in serious things, and all sorts of rubbish. And the rest of the so overwhelmed with the problems of life that nothing else has not left, "- he added.



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