Sports on the street, what may be useful tehnogiku?

Spring came, and in most regions have warmed. So, it's time to resume sports activities in the open air, or start from scratch, if you do not engage in before. Equipment manufacturers are now lined up in a row, offering sports fans their gadgets that help increase the effectiveness of training.

A Medgadgets help select what can really be helpful. In the sequel - a selection recommended by gadgets and accessories that help to play sports and improve employment.


DVR Flashlight Fly6

Cyclists should pay attention to Fly6 - this HD-DVR and LED flashlight bicycle in one case. Fly6 specially made clearly visible, and the enclosure is painted in red color.

HD-camera allows you to record the appropriate quality video (720p resolution of 1280 * 720 pixels, 30fps). One can write and sound (16 bits / 32 kHz mono). To store the video serves as microSD card, volume 8 GB is enough for 2 hours of video. Once the place is no more, there is a new record, over the old file.

The brightness of the LED lamps is 15 lumens. The LEDs can operate in different modes, drawing the attention of motorists. The battery unit can support the work of Fly6 for 6 hours, charging the camera port miniUSB.

High Definition 720p video recording with a wide angle viewing + audio recording protection from adverse weather conditions by using nano-technology Rear light high brightness < Lithium-Ion Battery Charging via USB Battery is designed for 5 hours of video, plus lighting Cyclic recording for easy and convenient use li > Lightweight and compact Weight -105 g; Length - 100 mm Comes with card MicroSD 8GB class 10
Order Fly6 can catalog Medgadgets.

Glowing accessories

Regardless of whether you have such a camera or not, the cyclist who rides on the roads in the evening or at night, you should use luminous and reflective elements equipment. Some companies produce these things every month, so that the problems in the completion of the inventory no.

Particularly active markets a luminous device and accessories company 4ID . Cyclist who uses all of the company's products will be more like a Christmas tree than an athlete. But considerably on the road :)


Soft headphones RunPhones

Headphones that grip on his head / ears while running, not so much. Yes, there are different models, but the price of some high enough.

Interesting option may be headphones-a bandage on RunPhones . Athlete and listen to music, and the hair will not get in the way, as the entire range of headphones perfectly replaces the dressing.

There are wired headphones. and wireless - choose to eat from what.

Wireless Headphones AfterShokz Bluez 2

These wireless headphones can work in headset mode. And for running (or for cycling), they fit perfectly, because it does not cover the ears. Man hears music because sound with headphones through the bones of the skull goes directly to the inner ear. So people will hear the noise of the car - it's not a problem.

Additional features of this device:

Design OpenFit provides simultaneous listening to music, and full control of the surrounding space, which is not possible with conventional headphones. Technology PremiumPitch aimed at sound detail. The technology reduces LeakSlayer natural sound leakage. Equalization presets on the fly Adjusts bass and vibration intensity. Microphones and dual noise canceling effectively improve the quality of speech. The body is covered with a special headphone nanotechnology composition, which in tandem with waterproof rubber gaskets repels moisture and sweat. Branded option «Audrey Says» (Audrey says) is the voice prompts that are easy to hold on to all users of wireless stereo capabilities.
 By the way, the rain AfterShokz 2 Bluez also not afraid.


Fitness Tracker Goccia

Developers call фитнес-трекер Goccia the smallest in the world. And indeed it is. In addition to size, the tracker is different and more reliable - it will work in all conditions, even in the air, even under water. Tracking data accumulated during the day, passed to the application on your phone is not on the wireless network, and through the LED synchronization method - it also highlights a number of tracker among their own kind.

This small tracker knows much:
Easy to use: fast charging and pairing with a mobile device; Automatic switching to day and night mode. Using LED method of synchronization; Track distance traveled per day; The definition of a set number of steps; Determination of the number of calories burned per day; Automatic adaptation to a variety of activities, including tourism, cycling, swimming; Activate single press; Display of the level of physical activity with the help of eight LEDs; Synchronization with the application on a mobile device - iOS and Adnroid.
Smart Watches Withings Activité

If you want a stylish versatile device that can be used as a fitness tracker and smart as hours, Withings Activité a > - what you need.

This is not a cheap device, but it fully justifies its price. Hybrid mechanics and electronics makes the watch different from other (though now beginning to emerge analogues).

Clock can operate as a detector of the quality of sleep - if something is wrong, the owner will be able to find the cause of hours, prevented him to sleep. There is also a built-in accelerometer to calculate the distance traveled, calories burned and the number of steps taken.

Actually, you can go outdoors without any gadgets, but they increase the effectiveness of training. Progress in the classroom, tracking distance traveled, tracking parameters of the body - without it nowadays quite nowhere. Tracking your progress, to transmit data to the application parameters of the body (for example, Apple Health), where information can be viewed by the attending physician - the good, which should enjoy.



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