5 ways to "cool" the body after a workout


The fact that You ran your last lap or did your last approach does not mean that the training is completed. Actually, what You do after training is not less important than what You do its over. After any workout (be it cardio workout or exercises with the iron) muscles get tired and begin to break down. Immediately after a workout begin to happen processes of remodeling of tissues, increase strength and overall recovery.
Researches of the American physiologists have proved that the post-workout phase is a crucial part of any training program. Described below are five basic actions that You must perform after every workout.


There is a reason why the treadmill exists a function "Hitch": when You exercise, You exert considerable effort, for example, 8 out of 10 and Your body needs help to return to level 1 out of 10. Remember how in school, after long-distance running, physical education teacher was forced to undergo another 1-2 laps around the stadium to cool off. The fact that the sudden cessation of physical activity can lead to a drop in blood pressure and severe dizziness. So after a morning jog, slow your pace and just walk around for 3-5 minutes (or even more if the run was particularly intense).

Hitch even more important after strength training. After lifting heavy weight, do dynamic exercises, such as lunges or Mahi. Need to return the pulse to normal is 100-120 beats per minute.


After strength training or cardio, Your muscles become warmer and more flexible and elastic. At this time You can work on your stretching. Stretching helps reduce muscle tension. And, although stretching does not reduce the chance of injury, it reduces post-workout pain in the quads, calves and hips. In addition, stretching maintains a good blood circulation in key areas and expedites the healing process of muscles. Technically, you need to perform stretching all the major muscles in 4 repetition for 15-60 seconds. However, it may take considerable time (up to 40 minutes). If You have limited time, we suggest that stretch with just one exercise.

To run it, You will need a towel. Lie on your back, lift one leg up and wrap a towel around it. Then, start with your hands pull the towel at both ends, thereby drawing the leg toward your chest. Hold the leg in this position for a few seconds, and then repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Drink more water.

Every time You move, You expend the reserves of fluid. After an intense workout, You need to fill this stock. Because of this, You will reduce pain in muscles and increase strength and flexibility. How much water you should drink after a workout? To answer this question is to weigh yourself before exercise and after. The difference in the results is the amount lost during this time liquid. That's how much water you need to drink + 25-50% to make up for what You lose with the urine.

Drink a protein shake.

Regardless of exercise time, whether morning, afternoon or evening – I advise you to drink a protein shake after. It should be done within 30 min after workout when protein window is open. At this time, the muscles absorb the most nutrients. The shake will bring back the muscles lost carbohydrates and proteins that will help them to rebuild and become stronger. The correct ratio of carbs to protein is about 4 to 1. If You for some reason, can't or don't want to drink a protein shake, you can replace it with a glass of chocolate milk. The only drawback of such replacement to the high sugar content.


Some studies refute the role of massage in muscle recovery, while others believe that massage helps speed up muscle recovery and reduces swelling and damage. If You can't afford a massage after a workout, you can buy special massagers. They are not as effective as a regular massage and is unlikely to bring tangible physiological benefit, but You at least get emotional and psychological satisfaction. Make sure that the massage is not too strong, because You do not need further damage to the vulnerable post-workout muscles. published

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