Jupiter could destroy the first Earth-like planets of the Solar System

Usually next to the luminary planets are larger and have greater mass than Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. A large part of the world occurs in the first tens of millions of years after the birth of stars and the solar system, this process took two hundred million years. Scientists from the California Institute of Technology Constantine Batygin and Greg Laughlin suggested that the system took its present form after Jupiter destroyed the first planet.

Scientists suggest that the solar system looked like other planetary family, but then something has rebuilt it. It could be Jupiter, whose migration to the Sun and back called "bombing" of other planets in small protoplanetary bodies, prompting super-Earth in the direction to the luminary. Then the interaction with the planet Saturn has helped them to take their place in the system. As a result, in the inner part of the solar system formed smaller planet.

Constantine Batygin noted that several of protoplanetary bodies whose mass is a few Earth masses, could push the planets to the Sun a few tens of mass Lands. According to scientists, Jupiter could destroy the first large planet around the sun in just 20 thousand years, сообщает Washington Post .

Gregory Laughlin noted that for the same reason scientists concerned about the destruction of satellites in Earth orbit . Fragments thereof can damage other satellites and cause a chain reaction. A similar reaction collision caused Jupiter, changing the solar system.

Source: geektimes.ru/post/247768/


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