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For decades, there is a desperate debate about whether, at what time of day is best to perform sport activities. Some prefer to sleep, physical exercises be given in the evening. But some, especially larks, strive to develop active lifestyles right in the morning. Anyway, the debate is still under way, and thus solve the people themselves.
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However, there are some, and pretty good reasons why fitness is to do it in the morning. And that's the most basic of them. Some studies show that playing sports in the morning, able to literally run metabolism, i.e., metabolism. And in the end, he remains at the right level throughout the day. To maximize the use of their own metabolism is to include in your morning cycle and weight training. Lifting weights is a proven method of boosting metabolism.
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For those who goes to the gym in the morning definitely has its benefits. And it concerns first of all the lack of queues at the simulators. As a rule, most people prefer to visit gyms in the evenings or during the day. At this time they are mostly overcrowded. Meanwhile, in the morning, not so many people rushes to the fitness centers, but because there is always a chance to tsunkatse, fully and without queues. In addition, classes in the morning in the fresh air is much healthier. The city is still asleep, little people, and therefore will not jog in polluted streets, and clean fresh morning air. Another good reason to run sports in the morning is that much easier to stick to a given rhythm, rather than in the evening. In the evening there is always an excuse: a hard day's work, meeting with friends, a walk with the kids, cleaning, cooking and other stuff.
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And therefore much more efficient if you schedule every morning with a good workout, so far things have not had time to accumulate, and mood deteriorate. Evening workout keeps the entire body in tension. And it concerns not only muscles but also the brain. But because very often people can't sleep after an evening workout, suffering from insomnia. When a person devotes to training the first half of the day, he sleeps much better at night, and besides, he wakes up in the morning more than a good mood and much earlier. Good sleep improves your overall health. In particular, normalizes the thyroid gland and the circadian rhythm, i.e. a biological clock.

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