Curry for longevity

Popular in India and countries of South-East Asia spicy curry may, as found by South Korean scientists to slow down aging and helps in fighting cancer and other serious diseases. The main ingredient of this seasoning is turmeric root that gives curry the yellow color.

Also, this component helps reduce inflammation and prevents the development of cancer. A group of scientists from the Centre for gerontology of the Korean Institute of biology and biotechnology recently released the results of the research allow to conclude that the information contained in turmeric substances able to block the genes responsible for the aging process.

That consuming curry people are living longer, has long been known. Already three thousand years ago the people of India recommended the use of curry to prolong life and maintain health. They also used turmeric for the treatment of inflammation, was applying lotion with a solution of turmeric to the affected parts of the body. For the treatment of angina is also recommended to drink a solution that contains the root extract of this plant.

Scientists have discovered that turmeric acts as an antioxidant. The substances contained in it, are capable to effectively block the toxic proteins that cause inflammation in the gut and on the skin surface, and prevent the development of tumors at the site of inflammation. Experiments by South Korean scientists have shown that regular use of turmeric is responsible for the functioning of the aging process of genes is suppressed by almost 20 per cent., and all ageing-related phenomena were manifested in a mild form. It is assumed that turmeric can be used for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.

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