Company History Koss


In 1953, $ 200 equal to about 1745 today. These two hundred bucks, received an invitation to the wedding, the couple wanted to invest in a sofa. But still smart enough to start their own business.

This business was renting TVs. Company J.C. Koss Hospital Television Rental Company serviced hospital patients.


This business is justified himself for a couple of years. But later Koss met with the engineer Martin Lange.


One of the first joint projects with Koss Lange became portable phonograph. Portable - because it was the size of a suitcase. Actually, it was a suitcase he like, and represented, which is located inside himself turntable and headphones, converted from aviation.

It was then and began headphones from Koss - on display in Wisconsin in 1958, all interested in just the ears, not the proigryvaetel. Chip headphone was their adaptation to the stereo. Because of the headphones since World War II with the help of parts from TVs made candy.




After a short time, and under the brand name appeared first Koss headphones - SP3. The founder of the company, together with the engineer spent a lot of time in the garage, to bring them to mind. What is important: Koss made the first stereo headphones. Headphone-it was before this fully, as I wrote in the History of headphones (look at the chips in the search for that term).



And so began the 1960s. The company has become a leader in the headphones. What's interesting: the first headphones from Koss headphones have been converted pilots during the Second World War, and in 1960 she became a supplier of Koss headphones for the US Air Force. Circle.


One of the models that have emerged in the mid-sixties - Koss PRO4AA. These headphones are sold fifteen years. Then they seem to have revived, but also began to forge. So be careful - in search of studio headphones you can buy something else.


In the same 1960 the company released "bitlofony." It dreamed about them all the fans Beatles. Nothing special, except for pictures with a group, they were not. At that time, all sorts of things with images of your favorite band flew with a bang - as sneakers and toy buses, and other players.



This Koss K6, which was the prototype bitlofonov.


By 1967, turnover grew to a million dollars. And somehow all started with two hundred bucks.


Advertising Koss 1968. "Why do you think all of your buyers want Koss?»

On advertising - the first made in the US model of electrostatic headphones.


"Give me your ears for five minutes, and I will change your view of music forever»


"Listen - believe»


"Do you know why he's smiling?" Outdoor advertising in 1972.


For many years, everything went like clockwork. The company's engineers have developed a variety of new models, each time allowing Koss maximize profits. Since the end of the seventies, the company's profit reached $ 50 million. By 1976, it controlled 25 to 40 percent of the world market naushnikov.Koss decided to rest a little bit, to arrange a vacation to just live happily with the money.

And then - the bankruptcy. Well, almost. Managers do not have coped without the company's founder, almost later the whole business in the toilet. The problem was James Dodson, who headed the company that manages its operations five years.

One fakapov was late with the release of the cassette audio player on the market. Although designed it before Sony, Walkman in this battle won by the fact that earlier came out and cost less. Just waiting for Koss possible to reduce the price. Another problem was the purchase of Koss heap related companies. Investments did not pay off, earnings declined, and the money in his eyes melted - by 1984 losses amounted to $ 6 million. As a result, the company's founder had to sell plants and even your own house.


In general, Cossu had to urgently return to the company, to dismiss the hell Dodson and deal with creditors. After heaps of activities related to the fierce pain and disappointment, the company has only one plant in Wisconsin. And factories had to sell, and bought the business and home, as I wrote above.

And here we meet with a great anti-crisis briefcase company.

Given: a small factory instead of remaining a huge business with a bunch of related fields.

Objective: To improve the efficiency.


- The development of new products was given no more than 6 months

- Concentration on the headphones of all kinds and price categories

- ...

- Profit!

So the company has returned to the level of sales in the $ 25 million per year. In 1989 he was made one more important step was the introduction of a lifetime warranty on the headphones. Not a year, five, and lifetime.

Creating new models, the company has made these "legends". For example, Koss Porta Pro. They were released on the market in 1983. Until now, not been completed sale. A lot of you know headphone inexpensive price segment, which would be in demand for 30-odd years? Of course, the technology they have changed. But the design and concept - unchanged.




Anniversary Issue 2009, 25 years old headphones.


Also in the 1980s were released one of the first in the world of wireless headphones. They worked in the infrared spectrum, so it was necessary to ensure that there is no overlap signal. So what? Still cool. This model - JCK / 200.

Analogs of this model, in fact, were. Only Sennheiser SI / HDI 234 cost 570 dollars, and model from Koss - all 160. The difference is not small.



In the 1990s, the company concentrated on the low price segment. The competition was too high, and 40% of the market has already taken will never be. Too many vendors, too many models. But you can take a good portion of one of the niches.

Advertising headphones UR 40.

Modern outdoor advertising in the United States. "Head of the Class" - the elder in our opinion.


So now can offer from Koss godnoty? From there new KOSS ESP-950 with a funky range from 8 to 35,000 Hz. They electrostatic so that give the minimum distortion from all types. Their impedance of 100 ohms and 104 dB sensitivity. But the price for such characteristics relevant - more than thirty thousand rubles.




A KOSS HQ1 suitable for the home. And there are little more than a thousand rubles.


And gags, of course, a lot. This model - KDX-100 Chrome.


Koss Plug - very popular cheap "gag" from Koss.

And your audiophile began with headphones Koss?

Which model Koss was you?



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