Prevention of disease on an energetic level

About the prevention of physical health many people know. But there is something else, as for some reason very few people know and not very engaged in this.

Before the illness on a physical level, there are always prerequisites for a subtle, energetic level, in the form of congestion, darkening or thinning of the aura in certain areas (high risk areas — the chances of illness or injury in damaged areas in the near future is very high).

The symptoms that precede the disease, injury, practicing meditative practice or just dealing with energy people feel in the form of congestion in certain parts of the body. The energy there is not flowing and highly viscous, sticky, dirty, unpleasant.

That any disease implies some psychological problem, you can read articles on psychosomatics (the science of studying the influence of psychological factors on the occurrence and course of somatic (bodily) diseases).

But, let's go in order, check yourself.

Exercise to check your status

It is recommended to do not beginners, and for those who already know how to meditate, and went through some training in the field of energy:

Energy flows:

smile all by itself — to itself and the world;

slowly and slowly predicates, clear light on the severity;

relax the whole body and mind;

free your mind, feel free;

connect to the energy of Heaven and Earth is to pass through you. Become an open conduit between Heaven and Earth;

mix these streams in anahata (the heart center);

then release this mixed energy of the Earth-the Sky throughout the body, evenly distributing it and try to get your energy beyond the physical body 3-5 cm (optimally to do with breathing);

feel how the energy enters through the chakras, then feel how the energy flows through the hands and feet. If the same lightness in the whole body, then you use a rather rough energy.

Make energy even softer and thinner until, until you begin to feel congestion in certain areas of the body – this will be the primary assessment of what and where is wrong in your body.

Here and found the problem area.

Having seen and felt the problem areas – it is much easier to start them to work and change on the etheric level.

The addition of light, love, positive emotions in the problem area with a desire to highlight the part of the body, put smile, joy and always love yourself and your body and fix this condition.

So what is Energo-prevention and whether it is necessary?

Energy prevention aims and daily work with their thin bodies and internal energy, and whether it is a man defines himself. This is akin to hygiene.

At the initial stage for the antics of energonaladka (energy-prevention), it is enough every day to make the exercise referred to above. And as a final chord, be sure your whole body fill with light and joy, love and to fix this condition.

Be healthy!


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