Rules of Conduct Dragons

I'll fly high. Let all see me, but no one can boast that knocked the dragon poisoned arrow.

Since I can fly, I'm unlikely to attract caves, underground churches and palaces where the main advantage of the dragon becomes useless.

If I dwell in a cave, then I choose this, which will not be able to get even a mountain goat, let alone the knight in full armor.

I'm not going to kidnap princesses. You can always find an equally delicious little animals, in pursuit of which the king did not send all his army.

For my enemies - the heavy stone from a height - is quite sufficient.

Even if I know how to breathe fire, I'm never going to land on the ground in front of the knight and noisy draw in air. Better I land behind the knight and his horse tail hlestnu.

Settling in a new place, the first thing I'll go to the nearest town, find there several respected people, politely invite them into the den, and explain that the gold and precious stones hidden not here but in the cache, find who can only live and healthy dragon, the I have.

When towards my lair moving bodies of armed men, I'm not going to go home and wait for them to reach him. Instead, I'll go to a nearby restaurant, and grab the host will ask a terrible voice, who were warriors who traveled here recently.

I'm not going to talk to the hero until I determined to know what the other characters are not near. If you find this difficult, I do not going to talk to the hero.

Battling with the knight, I will always remember that the two of us only I possess wings.

If the quiet, rich land, where I had just arrived, there is no dragon, I think twice before building a den here.

I'm not going to place posters around the neighborhood "Beware the evil dragon!". Where such posters may need, still no one knows how to read.

If I temporarily lose my mind and decide to kidnap the princess, I'll make sure it was the princess of the kingdom, hostility to the country where my lair. In this case, the king's father rightly decides that the dragon was sent by a neighbor.

I will actively conduct propaganda and educational work among the population, explaining to them that the dragons - not animals, and the brothers on reason. From the first people to understand this, I will create a knightly order, I will finance it, and after a couple of decades to serve in my army will be the prestigious

If the old book says that such and such creatures are the enemies of my race, then before you go on the hunt for them, I'll find out whether you can trust the author of this book.

I will never build a den of less than three outs. This will lead the second exit into the mouth of a volcano.

When I decide to attack the city, I first ask myself what this going to achieve and what consequences await me and the other dragons in the event of success. I do not attack until you get a logical, rational and easy to explain the answer.

I kidnap the talented engineer and offered him a pile of gold, if he turns my lair in the well-fortified area. Then I'll take this engineer overseas, because no one needs to know the weaknesses of my fortress.

If I happen to find myself the owner of the great magic item, which was hunted by all members of the local conflict, I will not attempt to use or sell. I only fly with the artifact, leaving evidence showing that I passed mascot weakest side.

Keeping in mind that the dragon is able to burn the flame of a knight in full regalia for a hundred paces, I will not come closer to him. All Knights of fried smell the same.

I will regularly give gold coins to owners of inns in a couple days away from the den. So, if I drive out or kill, they will lose the steady source of income.

If my neighbor was suddenly killed the dragon, I will not quietly wait for his killers said in my den. On the contrary, by all means, I'll try to find out who and how killed my kinsman, and when it became clear - revenge so that the survivors lost all desire to quarrel with dragons.

Even if circumstances require me to temporarily become a man, I will not force my companions for the hero, and then pull it out of rework. If the hero turned into a dragon, he would not pull out of the alterations me.

When local magicians announce a reward for the cut of my body organs, I just dropped in the center of a bag of gold, to which will be attached a note that for each head the magician brought her receive the same bag.

I'll never hunt peasant cattle. Instead, I've been through frontman buy a large farm and the contract on the supply of food. However, I'll make sure the mediators knew that I hid his treasure in an inaccessible hiding place. So they do not come up with the idea to poison me.

If several hostile heroes come to my lair, and when one of them holds a strange glowing sword, I will not attack them. I'll fly all day will keep an eye on enemies from a distance, and at night dropped on their camp rock from a height of half a mile.

Once on the trail, on which I go to drink, hunters decide to secretly dig a hole, I'll drop them a parchment scroll with a simple calculation. Pit 9h9h5 size - about 400 cubic meters of soil, meaning several months of work of a large group of diggers.

In a prominent place my cave will be surrounded by a nest with three traps - its four dragon eggs. When the heroes of their kidnapped, after some time, I can define cloud explosion, where did the kidnappers. These eggs, of course, will be hidden in a secret mountain lair.

If I pursue the enemy, and they are hiding in the dense forest, where I can not fly - I'm not going to land and burst through the bushes behind them, risking damage to your ear. I will remember that dragons are able not only to growl, set fire to the forest semicircle around the place where mining has disappeared, and I will sit in front, watching the fire.

To fight one on one with a noble knight in a fair fight - an honor, but I will always remember that the chances of winning the knight in such a case is zero, and he knows it. It is safer to burn him in the distance and fly before the trap is triggered.

If the enemy has appeared powerful artifact with power over dragons, I will not attempt to seize them. I'll send him a dozen adventurers, promising them a heap of gold in exchange for a mascot, and he'll fly away from the scene.

In my lair will live permanently African lion. For it is no more dangerous than the dragon cats, but if the hunters decide to set a trap, yet I have no home, they will expect a big surprise and hungry.

I'll catch all stray minstrels and give them for a jewel, demanding instead to compose a song praising me. Minstrels - people are lazy, and once composed a song will be performed by repeatedly touting me among the people.

As soon as finish to get a new place, I'm comin around the neighborhood rumor the dragon swears to give a thousand gold coins to anyone who brings in his cave head hunter dragons. And I will faithfully pay - albeit often bring.

Even the most cautious dragon can not be sure that none of his relatives and friends will not get captured by the enemy. If, unfortunately, like everything is going to happen, I'm not going to rush in a wild rage on the walls of the city, where my relatives captured by pouring all the fire and boils on the boom. Instead, I'll find a place on the mainland, where the plague is rampant, there will gather a dozen corpses, brought them to the walls of the city and just explain to people what will happen to them if the prisoners are not released immediately.

The principle of feedback is always running. If a hunter uses drakonysha caught as bait to catch me, I'll save the baby when I can use it as bait for catching hunters.

If I am able to turn into a human, I'll use that often. For example, I find a poor orphan who dreams of becoming a magician, give him a chance to realize the dream, and in a few years will reveal his secret, to give the Allies trained magician. Dragons are all planning for the years ahead, you do not know?

I'll be sober assessment of the opponents. Little Elf with a crossbow is much more dangerous than ten trolls with clubs, and together they are worth nothing compared to the unarmed wizard. From excessive modesty is not yet lost not one dragon.

If I really need to arrange a den in a public place, I'll make sure it represents a huge cave sinister-looking, with a gaping entrance to the dragon's mouth, highlighted scarlet lights, and certainly close to the geyser erupted. Inside I prepared in accordance with the recommendations of the "Code of the Evil Lord," and he will dwell somewhere in a cozy place.

The weakest spot any dragon - the children. Therefore, they will not have me. I even write in huge letters the poster "Here lives a lonely dragon" and put him at the entrance to the cave. However, when a friend and I to visit the kids arrive from a secret mountain lair, I show them the poster will not.

What is the dragon, which is not his enemies? That's right: gold. So I have agreed with the king that he issued paper money, backed by my reserves of precious metals. Once that happens, I will turn to the Federal Reserve Bank, and all the royal army will protect me.

The main reason for enmity between humans and dragons, as you know, is envy. People hate Winged for what they are able to fly, live for thousands of years, have the wisdom and strength. Therefore, I will strongly develop the myth that dragons are scary jealous people. This is the best cure for an inferiority complex.

Although dragons and mighty and wise, but to get along in the same locality who fails any race. Fortunately, the Dragons have an advantage: they are very few. I will have all my relatives read this collection of tips, and learned to use trouble-free strategy of "divide and rule».

And then, a few years later, the Dragon will not be enough.


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