Review of the best mobile apps for searching apartments for rent

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Search of the rental apartment can be compared to hunting. If there are really good options, they fly like lightning. To solve this problem enable your mobile app, using which, you can at any time ad tracking. This article is devoted to consideration of the most convenient and popular services.

Cyanopsia free database of real estate for iOS and Android equipped with a sound system of filters to customize the search. This is the main advantage of the application and the secret of its popularity. The choice of such parameters.
  • Walking or transport accessibility to the metro station.
  • The cost of housing.
  • The deadline for submission.
  • The need to pay Deposit or Commission.
  • Presence of home appliances for more convenience.
  • Floors, quality repairs.
Offers available are represented as points, plotted on a map. Each of the posted ads contains detailed information about the home, as well as contact information for the realtor.

Abitato, a universal free app for mobile devices, where you can find almost any goods. Because rental housing is also a commodity, ad rent an apartment in a mobile application for Avito's business as usual. To find out information about the availability of home appliances in rented accommodation you can view photos. As in the previous case, most of the outstanding proposals — from private traders and middlemen.

Yandex.Nedvijimostichisinau the new service, which features nice design and a number of additional interesting features. For example, using heat maps, you can objectively choose the most comfortable area. Use the filters service you can also select apartments that are in the most favourable from the point of view of ecology places: near water and (or) parks. In many ways this service is similar to CYANOGEN, but there are serious disadvantages.
  • A small number of proposals.
  • Ads-fakes.

Domofonnye the advantages of this application – the maximum simplicity of use and large information base. There is a possibility to highlight the search area on the city map. The system of filters that allow you to choose to rent properties with maximum accuracy. There is the possibility to filter ads from private owners (without intermediaries). However, realtors often represented as individuals. Another advantage of the service — the possibility to compare housing prices with the average cost of rent for the specified area.

AirbnbСервис popular when looking for apartments for rent in Russia and other countries. Registration is pretty difficult, have to pass several inspections in the spirit of "I am not a robot". There is a possibility to log on Facebook account. Most of the ads designed for a short term tenancy (private landlords offer discounts for stays of week or month). A useful option – "Superhoney", using which it is possible to allocate apartments with the best reviews. There is a possibility for contact не6посредственно with homeowners, but will have to pay a Commission, the approximate size of which is 15% of the price.


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