What weapons could be different programming languages

For the attention of habrazhiteley translation amusing article Bjorn Tiplinga about what weapons he seem different programming languages. Understandably, his already read in the original, but now you can share the link with your colleagues, and not owning English. Yes, and just a pleasure to read in Russian.

C - is the Berdan rifle (orig. M1 Garand ). Old but reliable.

C ++ - nunchaku, very steep in the hands of Bruce Lee, but before I get hold of them so many bruises and spend so much time that could not help think about why not choose something else.

Perl - a Molotov cocktail. There was quite a applicable in the old days, but even now the radicals are sometimes used.

Java - cool gun 240G, but if the cartridge strip stuck on NullPointerException, the weapon explodes and kills the shooter.

Scala - it's the same gun 240G, but the manual for it is written in some incomprehensible dialect. So incomprehensible that many consider it just some nonsense.

JavaScript - a sword without a handle. (Approx. Translator: not to be cut, people are sometimes wrapped with electrical tape pen type CoffeeScript, but it's still something you do not.)

Go - This collection of hand-harvested from the junkyard pieces "if err! = Nil" gun. Also he shoots tabs instead of spaces.

Rust - this gun printed on the 3D-printer. While that is damp and unreliable, but someday must shoot!

bash - this is the bloody hammer, for which at work, everything looks like a nail, even your fingers.

Python - this shotgun "v2 / v3", but you can only shoot from one barrel. Each shot from the fact that he likes, and you never know, from what would have to shoot next time.

Ruby - decorated with rubies sword. Overall nothing special, but it looks cool - and so it is selected.

PHP - a hose to connect the exhaust pipe inside the car and start the engine to kill (Approx. Translator: respectively, and smacks not very).

Mathematica - LEO laser gun. Can do a lot of cool stuff, but not everyone can afford it.

C # - a powerful laser cannon mounted on a donkey puny. And yes, without a donkey she almost does not work.

Prolog - a weapon with artificial intelligence. It certainly does what you say, but at the same time creates several terminators that come back in time and hunt for your mother.

Lisp - this is a subclass of straight razors and sharpening various types. Used only very dangerous, often crazy types.

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