What will be programming in 20-30 years?

The site with questions and answers Quora discuss various topics. For example, one user is prompted to speculate, what will be programming through 20-30 years in the future ?

Most positive reviews scored ответ Michael Church's (Michael O. Church). He immediately stipulated that predict the future - a thankless job. For example, as we have seen the future of 20-30 years ago? It was clear that the future of the Internet. But we think that technological advances will make people more free, we will work 20 hours a week and have all the necessary things. Like, robots will work.

None of this is embodied in the life (well, except for the Internet).

Although the development of humanity still goes in this direction: we are still moving towards a society without cash, albeit not as fast as we would like.

Mobile computers, as predicted in the 90s, and there really has become very popular.

But that's where the progress is minimal, so it is in socio-economic terms. The nature of the people can not be so quick fix, and you can not immediately eliminate all the vices like greed and pride. As a result, it is because of these vices in the society is still present poverty. Improvements in terms of human morality is too slow.

Speaking directly to a programmer, Michael Church believes that this profession will demand even more than now, and people will earn more. In his view, the normal salary of the programmer will be approximately $ 29 000 per month (in today's money, without taxes) in the middle of his career, that is about 40 years of age.

The problem is that a lot of money will attract a lot of charlatans who really do not understand the programming. We already see this in the Silicon Valley, where eager for the money people do not dream of technological progress and changes in the future, they just want to earn more. We have to find ways to deal with this.

Well, the technological foundation of the work is not too much change. Programming languages ​​continue its development, and ideas from Lisp and Haskell will continue to apply in everyday use, but hardly 20 years programming will be radically different from today's. Programming will continue to be difficult, but it will still be an exhilarating experience when using pure logic, you can create new things.

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