Chips celebrities

"Chips", that is what distinguishes the famous personalities from all the other "colleagues in the shop" each star quite a lot. But there is a "trick", which is clearly evident and causes the star to discuss in some light (it does not matter, because even the black PR is also effective). Do any celebrities have such a feature, since neither the identity of the public can not afford to "calm" among "storm", which is created by the other.

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Let's look at the new chips celebrities and appreciated - so if they really are good at?

Cameron Diaz

Chip - open legs. Charming Cameron knows the pros and cons of their appearance, so do not forget about the fact that her stunning legs. Open legs Cam loved for a long time, but quite recently it has become a habit, and it was a real "chip". To be honest, it does not open so perfect legs simply inexcusable! For years, her figure is just incredible, really respect her for what she is watching their appearance. It is a pity that the person noticeably grown old, but appear to have Cam so genetics.

It is worth noting that even on the Cam-ho-ho ... And what it is not even in Photoshop.

Megan Fox

Chip - porcelain skin. The new "chip" Megan is a dual impression. On the one hand Fox became much softer, sweeter and more feminine - and it's really very good. On the other hand, Megan noticeably thin, pale, and become more artificial. Apparently, the impact of her husband's influence on the young girl, which now looks completely different. I prefer old Megan Fox - a bright, sexy, daring and most importantly noticeable! Today it is too far from the plastics, and losing weight is much paler. Pale colors not Meg.

Here's a Megan was a couple years ago. It seems to me this way much more memorable and stands out among the rest.


Chip - blond hair. It looks like Beyonce seriously decided to change its image and become a real blonde. I think that Beyonce is very suitable a hair color, but they say that along with the hair becomes lighter and her skin, which I absolutely do not accept. She should be proud that it is sultry mulatochka instead of using a variety of means to become a white-skinned. I hope that this is just a guess tabloids, exactly like what Beyonce barren. In general, it "trick" - blond hair, I really like.

Olivia Wilde

Chip - playful fringe. Beauty Olivia decided to update their hairstyle and make playful chёlochku. I must say that it is very suitable Olivia (my personal opinion), and I absolutely do not understand why it rejected and told Olivia she goes ... Brad some honest to her a person will approach almost everything. "Chip" Olivia is wonderful in every way!

Vanessa Hudgens

Chip - long dresses. I just love long dresses and I, by the way, very much like the way they look at Vanessa. But it is often such clothes and they do not look properly at her fragile figure. If truth be told, I was confused by this commitment Hudgens in a long dress. I think that Vanessa has become a fashion victim.

Sisters Olsen

Feature - Own (or who do not clear) style. These young girls just spoil themselves with their clothes and make-up so that they choose. It just boggles the mind, but it seems that the sisters have taken "all the best at once" straight from the flea market. They do not like those little girls laughing from the film "Passport to Paris", and similar to the elderly grannies who are not particularly bother about appearance. In general, "Grandma style" in action. And it is that the worst, only to increase their power in the minds of the sisters Olsen. Forgive me granny All Russia and the United States, but this kind of girls who only 24 years old, impossible to watch.

Blake Lively

Chip - "vanilla" outfits. Blake Lively, the excitement around the beauty which is gaining momentum, chooses extremely gentle and romantic images and constantly smiling. What is the reason is unknown, perhaps it can be attributed to an affair with Leonardo DiCaprio, although in this case, everything is too veiled. "Vanilla" image of Blake like a million girls, so you can not accuse Blake practically in anything. All too perfect. Blake calls personally I have no emotion, but a kind of rejection as too she tries to please everyone and everything ...

Britney Spears

Chip - a triumphant return. She was waiting for this day for a long time and it seems Britney back on top. She leads various music charts, and finally embarked on their new tour. Let's see what happens. By the way, pop queen Madonna recorded his new album and plans to return to the stage. Apparently inspired by the success of the queen of pop princess Britney.


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